Submitted Date 08/23/2019

My heart is breaking, it is time for you to go,


My little one, how I love watching you learn and seeing you grow,


If I could, I would stop time in its place,


To keep you this little, occupying this space,


The one in my heart that you so innocently stole,


But alas time passes and only these memories my heart do console,


I treasure each moment, as I watch you grow into my young boy,


You have filled my life with hope, laughter, and joy,


Won't you stay this little, please just for a while,


Light up my day with your laughter and smile,


Another year passes, trading your toys in for girls,


Again my heart is breaking as time circles and swirls,


Taking you with it as you grow into a young man,


I have taught you what I know and helped you all that I can,


Now you are making your own choices, I like what I see,


Though again my heart aches as you move further from me,


Your heart belongs to another, now you have come to understand,


How I long for those moments when you still needed to hold my hand,


You still hold my heart as I watch your new life begin,


Seeing you grown, my heart you have stolen again.

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  • Andrea Hope 3 years, 8 months ago

    Such a precious gift to teach a child to love and watch them claim love for their own.

    • Mary Jaimes-Serrano 3 years, 8 months ago

      Andrea, it truly is a gift. Though it is painful, the price is paid when your child is happy and has grown to show the love they always received.