Submitted Date 11/10/2018


Forty-two states require conceal carry permits; the remaining eight states do not. So, most of us need a permit to carry our weapons concealed. Today we’ll discuss a few topics related to carrying your weapon and give you several tips and resources to help you make your experiences safe and positive.

If you have a conceal carry weapon or are thinking about carrying, the very first concern must be about safety. Personal safety, family safety, and safety for those in our environment must always be at the forefront of our thinking. Hopefully you will never need to use your weapon, but if you do, we’ll give you tools to use it safely and effectively.


Let’s start off with some basic firearm safety. Certain practices will benefit you in any situation concerning your concealed carry weapon. Here’s a list that’s easy to follow and commit to memory; make these a part of your daily concealed carry routine. No one ever wants to see a firearm accident, and the following segments will help you prevent that from happening.


Here are some reminder’s for keeping your weapon safe and being a responsible citizen with your firearm. These are some of the best concealed carry tips:

• Treat all guns as if they are loaded, especially when you carry

• Only point your weapon in a safe direction

• Keep your finger off the trigger until you’re ready to shoot

• Practice repeatedly how to operate your weapon

• Store you pistol safely and securely

• Guns and ammunition should be stored separately


Children, yours or your neighbor’s, pose a real risk when owning a weapon. You can NEVER be too careful with children and guns. Even if you don’t have any kids, there could be visitors with children to your home. When you remove your concealed carry weapon, keep it locked away safely. As mentioned above, secure your ammunition in a separate location.

Your children should never be afraid of guns. Teach them to respect a weapon and how to use it properly. Show your children how to shoot and take them to practice!

Here’s a few ideas to share with the kids you know:

• If you see a weapon, stop!!

• Do not touch any weapon you find

• Immediately leave the area where the gun is

• Tell an adult about what you saw


If you concealed carry regularly, sooner or later nature will call, and you’ll need to use the bathroom. Maybe you’ve never thought about it, but there are some concerns about your weapon when you use a restroom, especially if it’s public and you need to lower your pants. Too many accidental discharges have happened, so let’s prevent it from happening to you.

• Place your weapon on the floor, out of sight with the barrel pointed in a safe direction

• Place your weapon in the crotch of your jeans if not on the floor

• Use an ankle holster

• Check before you leave!! More than one concealed carry weapon has been left in the bathroom


Next, let’s discuss a few ideas for everyone that carries a concealed weapon.

• If you concealed carry, use a quality holster. The holster should be molded to your weapon and comfortable to wear. Try a few out; some prefer leather, others opt for a polymer of some type. The holster has to hold your weapon securely in place; and if it’s not comfortable, you’ll start finding reasons not to wear it. That defeats our purpose for concealed carry.

• Dress for concealed carry. This one can be a bit tricky, especially if you are dressing for work or fashion, or have a required dress code. Tight fitting clothes can cause “printing”, so your weapon is visible to those around you. You may need a size up if you concealed carry in your waistband, or try relaxed-fit clothes if possible and a longer shirt tail if it needs to be tucked in. You don’t have to compromise fashion; explore your options and try out a few choices. Move around; sit, stand and bend over. If weather permits, add a casual blazer or jacket to conceal carry outside your waistband.

• Select a pistol that suits you; super important. A concealed carry weapon that is too large or too small, too heavy, or not best for your body size or type will create issues. In a later article, we’ll discuss concealed carry weapons and holsters in detail. For now, do a little research and visit your local gun shop to try a few.

• You need a good gun belt. The gun belt holds your holster, so it must be secure, stable and capable of doing the job. A good-quality gun belt will keep your pistol and holster anchored to you, so you’ll have instant access in any given situation.

One final note here; ALWAYS have you concealed carry license on you and know the laws for your home state or anywhere else you plan to concealed carry your weapon.


So far, we touched on some good points for concealed carry safety and practices. The final part of this discussion will guide you through the next steps of the best concealed carry practices and techniques. Below you’ll find links to videos and products you can purchase to view over and over again as you refine your skills and stay current in your knowledge of concealed carry.


We’ve gone over to YouTube and found a few videos that will help you learn and rehearse your concealed carry practices and techniques. Check out these segments:






There are some really interesting presentations out there on concealed carry; here are a few you may want to consider:

• Panteao Productions: Make Ready with Massad Ayoob on Concealed Carry - PMR044 - Self Defense - Concealed Carry - CCW - Firearms Training - Training Drills – DVD. Highly rated and a must see for anyone considering concealed carry. Sells for about $20. Available online; com/Panteao-Productions-Concealed-Firearms-Training/dp/B00CAM524U/

• Practical Concealed Carry – Demonstrates 6 methods of the best concealed carry and practice techniques, plus how to fit a holster and dry-fire drills. Price just under $22. Available on-line; /Practical-Concealed-Carry-DVD-Lenny-Magill/dp/

• Top Ten Concealed Carry Mistakes, And How to Avoid Them (DVD)

A good deal priced just under $15. Available on-line; /itm/Top-Ten-Concealed-Carry-Mistakes-And-How-To-Avoid-Them-DVD


Well guys, today we’ve given you a good foundation to build upon for the best concealed carry practices and techniques. Never quit learning, never quit training, never quit getting more comfortable with your weapon. I hope you never have to use it beyond the practice range, but if do, I want you to be ready.



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