Submitted Date 03/24/2019

Vacations are great but when money's tight, flying off to tropical paradise isn't always in the cards. But that doesn't mean your family can't have any fun during Spring Break or Summer holiday. These 12 activity ideas are bound to help families bond and spark creativity in all its forms. You may even come up with similar activities of your own to keep the ball rolling.

These are my top 12 activities to keep families busy and interactive instead of sucked into handhelds and television screens.


Make Family Garden Stones for the Yard

This project requires a few items to create or you can buy kits online and in stores. I prefer to work with items I have around the house and an old cake pan serves as a great mold in which to pour the concrete. Before it dries, decorate with colorful rocks, seashells, beads, or make impressions and handprints to paint after it dries.



Visiting museums is something my family loves to do and many cities offer free admission or discounted prices during the week. Modern art museums, train museums, and museums of living history are just a few types of extraordinary places to visit and learn about the world we live in.


Board Game Marathon

This is great for families who like a little friendly competition. Have each family member pick their favorite board game or card game. Decide in which order the games will be played and let the dice roll. Be sure to keep a running score to find out who the Top Gamer is in your family.


Dance Party

Dancing is good for the mind and body so why not gather up everyone's favorite songs and throw a family dance party. Not only will you be getting great exercise showing off all your moves, but you will also learn about one another's likes and music interest which could just lead to having something in common again.


Mini Movie

Dressing up in costumes isn't just for Halloween with this fun family activity. Put on silly outfits and make mini-movies to send to grandparents or other family members. Re-enact favorite movie scenes or make up your own stories to create blockbuster originals. Imagination is endless.


Star Gazing

A blanket in the backyard and a clear night sky is all that's required for this educational activity. Today's technology offers a number of free apps for astronomy enthusiasts. Star Walk2 is a great kid-friendly app with age-appropriate design great for teaching kids about what we can see in the night sky.


Get Creative

Visit a local craft store or gather materials from around the house to create your own works of art. Find a multitude of project ideas online or test your creativity skills and make something truly original. Either way, your family will have fun making memories together.


Take a Hike

Families who love nature will definitely enjoy exploring local nature reserves and other parks that offer walking trails great for family hikes. Pack a picnic and head out into the wild for an adventure to remember. Exploring the world around us gives us the opportunity to teach our children how to appreciate our great planet.


Tell Stories

When I was in school, we did an activity where one person starts a story and then the next person continues the story, until everyone in the class has participated. Sometimes they didn't make much sense but other times, they turned out to be quite amusing. Test your family's creativity with a circle story of your own and see what tales you can weave together.


Talent Show

Everyone has something they are really good at. What hidden talents do your family members possess? Put together your own version of a television talent show with singing, dancing, or maybe someone knows some magic tricks they've been practicing.


Movie Night and Homemade Pizzas

Creativity in the kitchen can lead to some delicious homemade pizzas topped with everyone's favorite toppings. Letting kids decorate their own single-serve pizza will give each person the pie they love to munch. Add in some popcorn and maybe candy for good measure and have your own double feature family movie night.



If after all these activities you and your family need more to do, search online to find free family-friendly activities available in your neighborhoods or nearby cities. Many places offer special days or times where fees are reduced or waived entirely for low-cost and no-cost entertainment. Explore your city and find something new to do together.


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  • Tomas Chough 5 years ago

    Hiking, star gazing and movie nights are my favorite! Couldn't pick one, lol. Thanks for sharing these great ideas Carrie!

  • Nina Appasamy 5 years ago

    This is a nice piece. I recently had a "staycation" over spring break. I just spent a week at my parents' house being lazy, watching Netflix, and spending time with my dog. I honestly think it was as relaxing as any resort or fancy trip would have been.

  • Visiting museums is something my family loves to do and many cities offer free admission or discounted prices during the week.
    This one! This is actually a plan of mine for the summer, to get away and to have some peace. Lots of museums are either free or very affordable.

  • A lot of these things could apply for family events or self-love. I definitely will be doing the board and/or card games with family, dance parties and museum with myself. I do dress up, not necessarily do mini movies, but I do conceptual photo shoots. I do lanyard for getting creative, used to do it all the time as a little boy, even got into selling them as necklaces and what not. Hiking/walking is so therapeutic and liberating. Movie night and pizzas is another great idea. You have offered so many great options. Thanks for sharing Carrie.

  • Miranda Fotia 5 years ago

    Great ideas!