Submitted Date 04/20/2022

The Loss of my dog

Connecting to the light within, discovering the presence of my being. Wishing to see beyond the veil of limitation, allowing my flow to take me back home.

The process has begun and there is no way back. Sitting silently observing my own deep cave and its hidden corners of darkness, witnessing, and feeling what takes place once divine love shines upon them. Teaching me to trust and not fear change, for change is the essence of life.

My sweet loving Rocko, you are my strongest connection to this light. In this light I search for you, I search to find and feel your love again. My heart shattered in small pieces when I saw you taking your last breath in my arms. The unbearable pain that runs through my body knowing I won't see or feel you again has left me paralyzed with sadness and fear. I still remember holding you tight and not wanting to let you go, fighting and denying the inevitable truth that I was riding on the wave of loss. The wave of unpredictable currents and emotional instabilities that no one is ready to face.

I am learning to use this pain as a fuel to go exploring deeper in the unknown darkness and find my way back to your beautiful bright spirit. I know we had extraordinary connection, and this change, opened a door to a new chapter of deepening this bond to new level.

I am happy for you no longer feel hurt and pain and became light! You will forever be in my heart my dearest precious girl.


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