Submitted Date 09/16/2022

You can still walk away, a ring doesn't mean you are stuck

If you don't want to stay, please spare me the heartbreak

Don't leave me astray, tell me how you don't give a fuck

Lie if you must and say, your feelings were completely fake


If you're going to go, don't drag it out for so long

I won't stand in your way or say no, even if it feels wrong

I won't beg you if you say so; if this is not where you belong

No matter why or when you do, when you leave I will be strong


It has never been for show, I love you and want you to stay

If this were several years ago, I may not have been able to resist

I may have told you I loved you so, to keep you from going away

Before you walk out that damn door I know, you will be missed

Don't come back if you choose to go, I'll trash that rose bouquet

I'll sit back and lay low, and remember the last time we kissed


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