Submitted Date 09/02/2023

Hey there

I didn't mean to bother you

Didn't mean to get too close

Didn't mean to step on your shoes

I didn't mean to violate your personal space

I'm not a Christian

So forgive my shyness, my clumsiness

and spare me some grace

My mother taught me that when I was very young

and put my hand on the stove

I know not to eyeball strangers

But someone has to engage

I know not to eavesdrop

But some has to remain informed

I know not to be too pushy

But someone has to make the first move



Saw you stocking the shelves in the grocery store I went to often one day

Well, that's kind of a lie

I had only been there once in a while

To this day, I try my best to avoid a crowd

A friend recommended it to me

It wasn't like their prices were exactly cheaper

The cost of one's sanity matters just as much as the cost of living

But anyways,

I'm glad I took up my friend on their offer

What a pleasant surprise

Had to make up an excuse to talk to you

Ask you a bullshit question to something you probably didn't know

Something you probably wouldn't have even known where to look in the first place

But that's the point

A lot of life is about bullshitting

Finding a reason to start, which gives you a reason to try

Eyes razor sharp, you watched militantly as the Karen, shaped like a bulldog, marched down the aisle,

pretending that she had a real job there and a real reason to be doing anything

The best things are kept there

Where neither me or you can reach


But don't worry

Our little affair won't go viral

Won't become the talk of the town, the city or the country

I'll keep my distance

I'll be so specific and measure it in inches

I can't help that I have a bleeding heart

I'll donate some blood when I get a chance

I guess a grocery store was the perfect place to meet you

I like to eat my feelings away anyhow

Might as well share that experience with someone else


Maybe I do need God

I'm contemplating a lot and doubting even more

It's funny

The grocery store seems to be like a zoo at times

Especially on the weekend

Kids off their leashes as their parents, distracted, barely manage to gain control

of them

Dogs guiding their owners around, showing them what to eat, informing them of what and what is not

in their budget

It's amazing how the simple things can sweep us off our feet

And how a glass bottle launched by a clumsy employee can sweep me off my own


I didn't mean to bother you

I'm better at talking to myself than anyone else

Always equipped with an eraser mentally

Because I'm not confident in much that I say

Speaking differehnt languages broadens your scope

But when you have friends that don't exactly support your dreams

or build you up to stick to your goals

Y'all don't speak the same language

Your world becomes narrow, like a tunnel

That's why I said Hi

I wouldn't have found a reason to not worry about rent

Or my parents on my case for not doing what they want, refusing to help me financially

I didn't mean to bother you

We can talk later

Call me or text me if you can

I'll let you get back to you work

Wouldn't want to take anymore off your plate

No matter where you work or do, for work or fun

All I have to say is that home is wherever you're at






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