Submitted Date 02/04/2020

When I'm in Downtown Manhattan

I feel like I've been transported to a foreign country.

Feels like a whole new island

The buildings are concaved at a strange angle

Is this Inception?

Planting me within a dream within a dream

A long way down the rabbit hole.

Trying to hold frame

Trying to believe that life is not more than just a movie


Choked up in the crowds of foreigners

Chomping down on their cheap hotdogs and kebabs

The grease like sweat on their lips

Their Nikon or Canon dangling from their necks

Their world blown away by something that's quite ordinary to the average person.


You are not the average person

You're not a foreigner either

Maybe in a dream

Maybe at a place and time that meet up perfectly


When you're not lost with tunnel vision

You're no longer dying to wake up from this trippy, siclicle dream

The full spectrum of color unfolding

You're dying to fall even further

To be on that air bound taxi up above

Floating and jumping

You're dying to lose your sense of place and time and distance altogether

Let go of all the fake friends that inhabit this island

And inhabited your heart once

You're dying for Staten Island to be relevant

You're dying for New Jersey to not be a joke, to actually try to be interesting


You're dying for the Atlantic to not be salty and to actually take a joke

You're pleading for everything to make sense

You're pleading for context

Pleading and pleading at the altar

Only in a place where everyone sleeps

Only in a dream



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