Submitted Date 01/08/2020

We are one week into 2020, can you believe it? Some of you (including myself) have written down new year's resolutions in hopes that 2020 will finally be the year when we accomplish those goals. It certainly isn't a simple task, so here are a few tips that I am using in order to smash those goals in this new year. Enjoy!

1. Turn your negatives into positives. Rather than using negative phrasing and words (i.e. less, I won't, do not etc.) try switching your phrasing so that your goal has a more positive feel. For example, if you originally wrote, "I will not eat any fried/processed foods," try switching it to, "I will eat more wholesome foods including greens and fruits."


2. Write your goals down. When I cannot see or read my goals, I feel as if it is much harder to follow through with them. Studies have also showed that people who write down their goals have a higher chance of achieving them. So take out your favorite journal or your Notes app on your phone and get to writing!

3. Don't stress. Remember that at the end of the day we are human, and it is ok if every once in a while, we have a day or two where it feels as if we don't have energy or time to work towards a goal. Listen to your body and mind and give it the time and space it needs.


4. New year, not new month. I recently saw a great video on Instagram by Jay Shetty about new year's resolutions (* link below) and he said the following: "When you don't get that feeling or that result you want after a week, or after a month, you judge yourself, you give up... But you forget it's called a new year's resolution... it's not a new day's resolution, or a new month's resolution, it's something that you're focusing on and working towards for the whole year."


I'm sure that with patience, positivity, and the tips above you will be able to become the better version of yourself in this new year!

Happy 2020






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