Submitted Date 11/28/2022

She was said to be homeless and living on the street
They said she has no money and is hungry all the time
But the bag lady went everywhere to lie, steal, and cheat
She'd go to every restaurant and fill the place with grime

Much to everyone's surprise, she lived in a fancy home
And saved her money taking stuff from people with a soul
Trash bags for clothes and a shopping cart while she's out to roam
To make Augusta nicer, she should've had to pay a toll

The elderly woman scams other people left and right
She keeps her money hidden somewhere that is very close
She probably thinks that she is right, no lie she was bright
It was like she had a heart, but she was greedier than most

Nobody will come when she is lowered into the ground
Because by then they will all know her deepest darkest lie
And as the casket lowers, there's no one to make a sound
She finally dropped six feet and we figured out just why

Her family was the neighborhood; the cats cried goodbye
For the cats she did many kind things; she just would not die



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