Submitted Date 02/21/2020

Springtime is just around the corner! Many of us will be ready to go outdoors as the weather warms. And Springtime is the perfect time to tidy up the house and prepare for the new season of the year.

Here are 24 Spring Cleaning Tips You Can Use for 2020:

1. Catch a Vision for a Clean Home – To be successful at implementing a clean home via Spring-Cleaning, think about what you desire in the house. How would you like to see your home? How will a freshly cleaned home feel to you? Doing this exercise will allow you to "see" and "feel" good about taking on the cleaning project.

2. Stay Positive – Maybe you get overwhelmed when you think of Spring-cleaning because there is so much to do. Eliminate the negative thoughts and feelings and "reframe" the thoughts with positive ones: "I can create a clean and fresh living space. I can do Spring-cleaning taking one step at a time without feeling overwhelmed."

3. Make a Spring-Cleaning List – Create a list of the things you would like to do to Spring clean your home or office. The list doesn't have to be extensive – it can be a simplified list to prevent getting overwhelmed.

4. Create Your Spring-Cleaning Schedule – Will you do your cleaning in the evenings after work? Or, will you plan to do your cleaning during the weekends? Create a flexible schedule that will allow you to make progress each step of the way.

5. Take Time to Declutter – For some of us, decluttering is a great way to get rid of items and create an easier cleaning time afterward. If you need to declutter, incorporate this into your plan for Spring Cleaning.

6. Clean from Ceilings to Floor – Many know this concept as "clean from top to bottom." Cleaning higher places first will keep you from having to do twice the work. For instance, when you dust the top shelves first – any dust that may "fall" downwards will be taken care of as you go lower and lower in cleaning each lower section of shelves.

7. Include Walls & Windows – If you want to do a thorough job in your Spring-Cleaning venture, include taking care of the walls and window areas. This can consist of dusting off small wall shelves, dusting window panes, and windexing windows. And, let's not forget those baseboards near the floors!

8. Replace Old Doormats – Springtime is a great time to replace old doormats with new ones. Or, it can be the perfect time to wash the ones you have for use.

9. Shine the Appliances – Shining up your appliances with each seasonal change brings a beautiful feeling of "cleanness." Clean & shine the outside of the fridge, stove, dishwasher, microwave, toaster oven, and other kitchen appliances.

10. Freshen Reusable Shopping Bags – Take some time to rewash reusable shopping bags during the Spring. Then, they will be ready to use for picking up fresh produce and other products in the market.

11. Clear & Clean Countertops – Several times each year, it is excellent to clear and deep clean countertop areas. What items are on the countertop you rarely use? Which ones can be put away to make your counter space look more inviting?

12. Rejuvenate Cutting Boards – Did you know that you can rejuvenate your cutting boards? Add a little baking soda and a small amount of water to the cutting board surface. Then, use half of the lemon the remove old stains and strong smells from the board.

13. Check Cold Food Items – Once each season is a great time to check all the foods in the fridge. Do you have mayo that is expired in the fridge? Or other food products? Go through and pitch out the old stuff to make way for the new.

14. Wipe Interior Surfaces of Fridge – Now that you have eliminated expired food items from the fridge, it is the time to wipe down the interior surfaces of your refrigerator.

15. Defrost Freezers – If you have stand-alone freezers, consider taking the time to defrost them before the heat of the Summer comes to your area. You can also take time to inventory items you have – and decide what meals need to be prepared soon.

16. Check Your Oven – How is the inside of your oven looking? Does it need some love and care? Add some time to your Spring-cleaning schedule to clean the interior surfaces of your oven.

17. Pantry Items – Go through your pantry foods and check for expiration dates. For those items nearing expiration, what menu options can you create for the family?

18. Junk Drawer Time – Have you been adding items to your junk drawer over the Winter months? Add time to your planner to go through junk drawers.

19. Replace Shower Curtain Liners – If you use inexpensive shower curtain liners, then replace the nasty old one with a new one. Or, take the time to wash the one you have – if it easily washes.

20. Give the Shower Fresh Lift – After replacing the shower curtain liner, give the shower a fresh lift – get rid of near-empty shampoo bottles, simplify items placed in the shower area, and clean shower tub plus walls.

21. Health Care Items – Take the time to go through your health care items. Check for expiration dates and make a note of things you need to replace. These items can include first aid items, vitamins, skincare items, so forth.

22. Ditch Old Makeup – For you ladies, now is the time to go through your old makeup stash. Replace old mascara with new. Get rid of expired makeup. Also, check the makeup brushes – do any of these need to be pitched and replaced?

23. Check Furniture Cushions – If you have children, checking under the furniture cushions needs to be added to your list of to-dos. You may be surprised what is lurking from under those pads.

24. Day of Dusting – Include a day of dusting in your schedule. Dust from top to bottom of the home. This can include ceiling fans, walls, shelving, TV stands, baseboards, and more.

Although these twenty-four Spring Cleaning tips are not exhaustive, they will give you some ideas to start with. Remember to take the time to think about what you desire to get out of your Spring Cleaning for 2020.

Create time blocks in your schedule and tackle one task at a time. To clean thoroughly, it takes time and effort. Slow and steady wins the race – keep the pace in working toward your Spring-cleaning goals. You can have a Spring-cleaned home to enjoy!

Barbi Green


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