Submitted Date 08/12/2022

Endless love

Love hit like an endless dream
A dream I've never seen
Until I felt a burning stream
My heart didn't know
This endless love dream
Memories came from yesterday
Claiming the endless love dream
How to mourn in harmony
An endless love dream
Oh, this precious love is endless
Or was it just a dream in madness
Through all the rain and darkness





She came in and out of darkness
no moon or stars within the
pain and dreams turn into darkness
and in the darkness

empty hearts could break in the
and through the darkness
you can't see clear across
the darkness
She sleeps in the darkness
She waits in the darkness
in the darkness
every little light shines in darkness
no love lost in the darkness




You can try

You can try
And keep trying
but will not bond
Or tear you will weep, and bleed,
But I will not care as I stare very aware
with this flair and demand for those words that spoke death
to my heart shall I answer thee,
with those cruel words with no shame
And claim with no blame could it be worse than being absorbed,
with such cruel force.




I feel all this anger cutting straight through
I try to contain
Every day but I feel so betrayed
I know that you're Tongue is blade always Spitting
Your hate

Oh, how hate to be your conflate your excuse for more hate so I debate to feel more berate or just desecrate, demodulate your name
So I claim how I hate to be defamed by your hate
So I debate unashamed never tamed to reclaim my
Name to proclaim unashamed of the fact of your enact, abstract attack on my faith

I feel all this anger cutting straight through
I try to contain
Every day but I feel so betrayed
I know that you're Tongue is blade always Spitting
Your hate

So I debate to counterattack or sit back and wait for my faith to put you in place and disgrace your workspace staircase to fame





I know

I know you hold something so cold
But behold it will unfold
So prepare to despair in ensnare
To face the doctrinaire
And I will declare that I was fair but impair
To help repair thoroughfare to his heir
I know you do care where the last stair ends
But only your affine will align and be define
I know what I confine must be entwined to the divine
I incline to realign because I know I must resign
I apologize but I can't undefined must underline and step back on the sidelines to watch mankind
Disinclined decline and define humankind






I turned to pieces before the fall
and every wall across the wall
there's no one else waiting at all
inside my bleeding wounds, I stand tall
these walls stand in pieces
I find my way to tenderness
and every turn would end in pieces
i took her every chance of us
But we end up in pieces
these are all the empty promises
In pieces
I stand here before my weakness
With my broken mind turned to pieces





Instead of building bridges
I started building walls
with bricks made of clay and tears,
Acinus hopes that failed leaving behind
Clay made with tears
I burned and buried all those bridges
leaving nothing behind;





I stare at the sky and find myself
Waiting for the rain
They say no bird can help themselves
But my heart would break to find the one

I heard an old man say one day to the wind
Cloud of rain won't wait for the sky
And in your arms I know I'll ease my pain again
That Christ is breaking through these chains

Make me wait for someone kind
Make me wait for someone kind

Staring at the sky on the highest high,
I heard you find sadness in the pain




Love & Fear

I fear to love again
I don't want to feel the pain again
I'd fall in love again
And face any skin of sin
I'd face the world with just my shame

I'd fall and praise with no fear
But only for a thousand years
This is why this is all clear
Do you want me for a thousand years

I'd face this fear and love again
My dear will you risk to convince
To face the fear and underpin
More years than I would not pretend
Or fear



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