Submitted Date 11/27/2018

10 Curious Things About Argentine Culture

The argentine culture is rich with unique and interesting things. Here’s a list of random details seen in day to day life there.

1. Milk In A Bag: It’s not exactly a bag but a sachet. While there are also milk cartons and plastic bottles, many people consume it in this bag type form. It’s pretty inconvenient considering you have to put it in another recipient to serve it.

2. Mate: Yerba mate is a plant usually served in the form of hot tea-like beverage. Most people in Argentina drink it out of a special wooden cup or a gourd. You sip the drink using a metal straw. It’s one of the biggest and most popular traditions in Argentina. Mate is an excuse for people to get together and share each other's company.

3. Night Owl Syndrome: For some reason, most people in Argentina do things late. A normal dinner time is around 9 pm and parties often go on until sunrise. Not to mention, they often start around midnight. People like to party!

4. Kioscos: If you want some candy, need a lighter or a bag of chips, go to a kiosco. Everywhere you go you’ll find these little drug store type places filled with all kinds of things.

5. Cartoneros: Due to economic crisis the cartoneros were born around 2003. They go around collecting cardboard to reuse or sell. For transportation they use a human or horse drawn carriage. For bigger quantities they often use trucks.

6. Chinchulin: Chinchulin is the small intestine of a cow, and it's a pretty popular dish in Argentina. People prepare it to go along with the rest of their asado (Argentine barbecue). Make sure to add lemon when you eat it. Tastes great!

7. Panaderias: Because of the italian influence, everyone has bread with their meals. That’s why you’ll see panaderias or bakeries everywhere you go in Argentina. They also sell all kinds of rolls, biscuits and pastries for breakfast or tea-time.

8. Buses: Buses in Buenos Aires are especially unique. They’re usually painted with different colors or have some kind of design. Bus drivers decorate the inside of their buses with stickers, lights and ornaments. If you hear a very loud whistling type noise, you know they’re beeping!

9. College Graduation: Graduating in Argentina is quite messy. When someone graduates, instead of wearing a nice cap and gown they make sure to put on worn down clothes. The custom is to throw eggs, confetti, flower, colored water and other things at the graduate. Not very clean or good for the environment…

10. Trapitos: Anytime you have to park in a crowded area in Argentina, you’ll run into a trapito (little rag). They’re called this because these guys often wave a little rag and “help you park”. Since most of the times they’re not hired by anyone, they ask for a money. The problem is, if you’re not willing to contribute, you may come back later with a flat tire or scratch on your car.


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  • Carrie Lowrance 5 years, 1 month ago

    This was a great article, Tomas. Very interesting.

    • Tomas Chough 5 years, 1 month ago

      Thanks a lot for reading Carrie!!