Submitted Date 09/10/2022

I know people are always going to have something to say. So, this blog post is dedicated to those with something to say. Yes, I am a writer. Yes, I don't have any degree in English. But I am not the first or last writer with no major in English. I started writing in 2019 poetry on my phone laying down on my bed because I was going through a lot at the time. One of my therapies a long time ago first suggested that, but at the time I wasn't sure or ready. So at that point in my life, I needed to release everything I was feeling on those days. Writing helped me do just that, sometimes you just can't talk about it, but you must let it out. I was tired of being treated like a liar, fake, but I couldn't talk to no one I didn't have someone to trust. Too many people had already let me down and proved I was unable to trust anyone so easily. Furthermore, poetry became a way of putting my feelings on paper. Due to my disability at the time was also getting worse I couldn't just grab a pen and paper like everyone else's, my phone became my typewriter. Do you know that old saying that goes, "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger"? I am a proven fact of that statement. I enjoyed writing poetry but noticed that my grammar and punctuation was not good, so I started practicing on apps available for free and thanks to those free apps I was able to get better. At the time I didn't have any money, so those free apps that offer free limited use I have to thank you so much. I would like to mention and publicly thank them.


Finally, Apple's speech recognition has helped me a lot. Because I also have a bad stutter. It's getting better, and I won't stop practicing. Once again, thank you for your amazing service and technology.

So my message to those that suffer some disability: don't let no one discourage you from doing something you love. And to those that have something to say, "I hope you never lose the ability to do something you love".






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  • I teach novel writing if you are ever interested. I enjoy assisting those who wish to hone their writing skills and prepare them for publishing their stories.

    • JB Guerrero 1 year ago

      Thank you 🙏 I will keep that in mind. 👍