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In the year 2010, Mike Posner was a rising star—or maybe a falling star. His rise to fame was seemingly just as quick as his fall. That summer his song was everywhere. "Cooler Than Me" is catchy and relatable. It was no surprise that it was an instant bop. I added the song to my iPod and listened to it relentlessly. I never heard anything following that single and I never bought the whole album. I have always been a skeptic. I believe everyone is lucky, at least once. Just as I had assumed Mike Posner seemed to drop out of the scene. Maybe he cashed in, like many artists that just want a taste of celebrity lifestyle. It didn't matter to me, there was always something else to listen to.

In 2016, I was minding my own business, blasting "24k Magic", trying to be a little more like Beyonce, dodging "Hotline Bling" like it was a full-time job. I didn't ask for this poppy, electric song about drugs, failure, and insecurity. It had no business being that dancey. I couldn't relate to it, but that didn't stop me from pretending I did. It was months before I even noticed Posner was behind this viral pop hit. A Six-year hiatus is almost unheard of in the music industry, and then to be successful, and vulnerable at the same time? I remained skeptical chorus after chorus.

Yeah, he disappeared again, which only confirmed my suspicions. Mike Posner was unreliable as an artist. I couldn't count on him to deliver hit after hit. I was not going to get burned again. I had no knowledge of his 2018 album drop, and it appears I am not alone. Maybe you do know, maybe you're a true fan, and if so I think you'll appreciate that I am admitting I was wrong about Mike Posner. He might not be a hit machine, but he is a true individual. Mike Posner released a new album at the start of 2019.

In order to promote his new album titled " A Real Good Kid" apparently, he decided to walk across the United States of America. During his trek, he would perform shows spontaneously?


I will arrive in Jersey in six days. Then, one week from today, on Monday, April 15, 2019, in Asbury Park near Convention Hall, I'm going to put my left foot in front of my right and begin walking back across America back to California.

— mikeposner (@MikePosner) April 10, 2019


The first day of his journey started in Ashbury Park, NJ on April 15, 2019. The intention of the walk appeared to be about self-discovery, enjoying the journey, and to leave each town better than it was before he arrived.

Before the walk officially started he turned to Twitter to rally support and receive suggestions on must-see destinations, restaurants, and other locales.


Where should I visit on the walk across America? Restaurants? Towns? Museums? Lemme know in the comments 🌳🌼🚶‍♂️✨🤴🦁🏆🤴 also, if anyone knows @springsteen please tell him I would be honored to walk with him through his hometown 😊🙏🏻

— mikeposner (@MikePosner) April 14, 2019


As promised he performed shows, mostly acoustic and FREE!


Ninja show tomorrow (Wednesday) at the Allentown Rose Gardens at 6pm. Free. I'll be playing a few songs acoustic. Maybe bring a blanket to sit on. 🌳✨🚶‍♂️🤴🦁🌼

— mikeposner (@MikePosner) April 24, 2019



Today I'm taking a zero day and playing for the kids at Penn State 🤴🌼🌳🦁✨🙏🏻. I'll play for free, acoustic on old main lawn at 3:30. If it rains I'll play at the HUB. Thank you for all the support on this journey. I love...

— mikeposner (@MikePosner) May 3, 2019



So far he has shared insight, personal stories, jokes and motivational words for his followers and mantras for himself.


A man who'd been in prison for many years once wrote a letter to my mother. It said, "you can't have rainbows without rain." If you're in the rain right now, you must trust that a rainbow is coming.

— mikeposner (@MikePosner) May 24, 2019


Day 66 in "The Walk Across America" broke the 900-mile marker in Illinois.


DAY 66 || ILLINOIS 🇺🇸 || 912/2790 MILES WALKED

TODAY I CROSSED THE 900 MILE MARK. Never stop. Keep going. Never stop. Keep going. Never stop. KEEP GOING.

— mikeposner (@MikePosner) June 19, 2019


Two months later this was tweeted, "Some days I'm a genius, others I'm insane." A line that resonates with me deeply. I can feel myself falling once again.


DAY 84 || Urich, MO 🇺🇸 || 1230/2829 MILES WALKED.

I walked across Ohio, it took me 50 days.
I talked to the stars, they were happy that I came.
Some days I'm a genius, others I'm insane.

— mikeposner (@MikePosner) July 8, 2019



Posner invites guests to join him, and he means it.


First 8 miles are silent walking mediation, meaning, I won't be talking or doing selfies or any of that nonsense. You're welcome to join but please be respectful. The second 8 mi segment is walk n talk 😊.

— mikeposner (@MikePosner) July 14, 2019


This tweet explains that his journey is real and if you join him, there is no one to pick you up if you decide to tap out.


Bring all ur own stuff. I don't have water, food, sunscreen or parking for you. I can't give you a ride back to ur car. U have to walk back. Don't park in peoples driveways. Don't be an idiot. Hello Kansas. KEEP GOING.

— mikeposner (@MikePosner) July 14, 2019


In July he had some time to take part in the Aging Face app that was trending. It made me snort unexpectedly during my scroll. For the most part, it seemed this trip was going fairly well.


This is what I'm going to look like when I finish walking across America. #keepgoing

— mikeposner (@MikePosner) July 17, 2019


August 8, 2019, Mike tweets that he was taken down by a rattlesnake.


Whatup doe!!! Crazy day yesterday! I had just crushed 16 miles and was going for 8 more when I got but by a baby rattlesnake! 🐍 That venom is no joke! I got to the hospital and got the anti-venom in time.

— mikeposner (@MikePosner) August 8, 2019



The venom from a rattlesnake is rarely fatal but is known to cause permanent nerve and tissue damage. Fortunately, Posner was able to receive care on time. Even though Mike was able to treat the wound, recovery became a main priority. The setback didn't ruin his mentality. The walk was placed on hold, while the artist regained his motor skills, and got plenty of rest. August 26, 2019, Posner tweeted that he plans to continue his walk this week, expressing emotions of fear and excitement but ultimately embracing all of it.


DAY 135 || HOME || 1,787/2,833 MILES WALKED.

Just having a little fun. This week I should be back on the road. I'm scared and excited. I love that feeling. It's the feeling of life. It's the feeling of not living like a wuss. KEEP GOING.

— mikeposner (@MikePosner) August 25, 2019



Follow Mike Posner on twitter for more up to date information on his walk and his career. I don't think it will disappoint.
Through this trail of events, I've discovered an artist that operates differently than other musicians. There are plenty of hitmakers and one-hit wonders, but Mike Posner got me to take a third look at him. I noticed he is doing his career differently because he hasn't let his ego swallow him whole. He is seriously encouraging and bright. Scrolling through his Twitter is both entertaining and insightful. I enjoy following the celebrities I admire but not as many use their platform to say something meaningful. I feel plugged into their content, but not with them as individuals. I didn't think I needed to know who Mike Posner was, I can't say I was all that interested. This project is impressive, unique and commendable. I feel inspired and motivated. I think Mike Posner gave me control over my life, — or just reminded me that I am capable of taking charge.

I've been following this journey of his, and I've learned a ton. His website is more comparable to an early Myspace profile in that the simple design is much more humble than I expected. The site doesn't focus on his product, his music, but more of his individual self. He appreciates music, his favorite albums tab includes references to Outkast, Stevie Wonder, John Mayer, and Bright Eyes. He mentions favorite books, including ones he has read and ones that he plans on picking up. I can't tell you what Rhianna is reading, or really what anyone else is, but I like that for someone that has had a spotty track record he is transparent. There is a tab of his accomplishments, things he is proud of. Personally, I always want feedback, I want to know what I'm doing well or where my strengths lie. I should know my strengths, without feedback from my peers. I should take more pride in the obstacles I have jumped over. The last remarkable tab on Mike Posner's site is his 'bucket list' style checklist. There are items unchecked like; "Go to Outerspace" and "Win a Grammy" and others that are checked off like; "Spend a week in solitude" which he has claimed to have done twice! If there is anything to be learned from this post, it's that absolutely everyone who thought they were cooler than Mike Posner— were so. Very. Wrong. Even me.



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