Submitted Date 09/09/2022

The Queen

by Jackie Hemingway

The day drones on so drab and dreary,

Dark clouds cry rain my soul is weary;

Mourning calls its wailing toll to those who cried,

Those dreadful words - our Queen, she has died!


No fuller life lived could be said or have had,

For a Queen so young when she lost her dad;

To find her Prince to have and to hold,

A lifetime together and all the stories told.


Years passed along with each calendar's flit,

Jubilee's celebrated by many a proud Brit;

Through eyes that ruled the monarch's reign,

Piercing blue jewels that left no soft stain.


Nary a thought ever arose that one day it would end,

Her throne would stand empty and epitaphs be penned;

To be written by those who are more literary than I,

For all I can wail is — our Queen, she has died!



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