Submitted Date 05/07/2019

I think about you all day and dream about you every night.
Why is it so hard to tell you how I feel.
When I'm gone the anticipation of seeing you is hard to pass away.
So here I am again not knowing what to say.
Which made all the fears of seeing you slowly go away.
I love the way you look, how unknown your pages are.
The explorer in my heart wants to find out who you are.
So l can bestow on you all my hopes and all my dreams.
I will need you to keep them all hidden, only seen by you and me.
If you don't help me in any other way please help me hide them from the crazy world around me.
Take my words an keep them with you always.
No one will ever know me as you do.
Another page is sure to come, but you will be the very first you.

Regina M Basile


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