Submitted Date 01/03/2019

The look in your eyes made me realize that all your good at is telling lies.

They fuel your fire.

They burn in your soul.

But still you dont understand that they play a role.

I thought I knew just who you were, I misunderstood what I thought was kind words.

We grew up almost hand in hand until you found what you believed to be love in a man.

It kills me to see what he does to you but still you lie like I'm a blind fool.

If this is love which you say you possess then why am I always stuck cleaning up the lovers mess.

The bruises the bumps and the no I'm okay, is what has become your daily routine of lies to me.

We were a team together till the end but then he placed demons in your hand.

I thought I could fight them for you and you'd live.

Now I know fighting was never your plan. Yet still you stay with the man that lays hands.

Not in a way that could bring you holy peace. But still for some reason you won't release.

If this is love, which I doubt it is, then which one of you will die for it in the end?

I tried to teach you love and the ways of the world. We were sisters, best friends, girls being girls.

But now I have to let you go, I can't keep saving you anymore.

If this is the love that you need from drugs to instability, then count me out sister please.

And I hope one day you can too be free. I know the real person that you were meant to be.

Maybe one day before the great end we'll be sister, best friends and girls being girls again.

Regina M Basile


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  • Miranda Fotia 4 years, 12 months ago

    And I hope one day you can too be free. I know the real person that you were meant to be.
    My childhood best friend has been lost to an opoid addiction thanks to her husband. She's still alive but it feels like she's gone. She's just a shell of the person she used to be. Your poem really resonates with me. It can be so frustrating to lose someone you love to a companion that is toxic to them.

    • Regina M Basile 4 years, 11 months ago

      I'm so sorry to hear that, it very hard to navigate your way through such a disease. Unfortunately I've witnessed many people deal with this (some even losing their lives) but either way, I believe its something we should be trying to reach out a helping hand for instead of just assuming. Thank you for your comment!