Submitted Date 08/16/2019

Imagine a road,
A bright green grove;
The winds are abated
And all fears are stilled.

Imagine your life
Mid the world's dark strife;
You sail in the sunlight,
Invisible sunlight.

Imagine the real,
Where true joy is found.
Imagine the real,
Where your heart is bound.

"Master!" my soul cries
From depths to deep to know.
"Oh, my soul!" it cries,
From sickness deep below.

Fog, and murky waters,
Thorns from my own side.
I've pierced myself and more,
And too strong is the tide.

My Master carries me, no fear,
There is no tide too great.
Despite the wounds I give myself,
There's grace towards my fate.

Despite my guilty, bloodied hands,
My Master loves me so.
He carries me and shines in me
That road that so few know.

That road that so few know,
If only they could know!
With inward tears I wring my hands,
If only they could know!

And even I could know it more,
That road that is so sweet.
And I'd be there forever more,
And with my true kin meet.

It is by grace I am on it,
It is by grace I'm there.
Despite the murky waters round,
I'm on that road so fair.


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