20/20 [POEM]

Submitted Date 01/18/2019

I’m tired

But I’m still breathing

I’m bobbing and weaving

I’m struggling

But I don’t need teething

I’m boarded up

And I’m leaving

It’s a lot to muster

And the pain is receding

A bit flabbergasted

That you’re not even seein

The box you built

And called my home

But there are no windows

It’s just a dome

Nothing here I can call my own,

Dreamcatcher can’t catch my dreams

With wings Texan-fried

and not a twinkle in my beady little eyes,

It’s hard to sleep

Our relationship

Just leads me to weep

My aspirations just seem so foreign

I must take this leap

To recover what it was I once seeked

In that box burned beneath

The place you called home

With no treasure to free

In the reflection

Where truth is realized

Because real eyes, realize, real lies,

No blind spots my peripheral visions,

I found him

And he’s on a mission

The Gold is found

The treasure’s no longer missin’

It’s in his eyes,

His purpose!

His decision.


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