Submitted Date 10/06/2019

Taking Time For Simple Pleasures In Life

Do you take time for the simple pleasures in life? Why or why not?

You might have heard that the best things in life are free. However, we all preoccupy ourselves with our daily routine. Moreover, we do not enjoy the simple pleasures of life, which are free of cost. This is one main reason why we experience dissatisfaction with our life.


Just for a moment - rethink about what you are doing with your life. Alternatively, think about what you desire to do for relaxation – that you are not taking the time to do.

Let us ask a few simple questions.

How does the picture of your life look? Are you pleased with where you are? Do you smile at least once a day? Are you truly enjoying your life?

What Can You Stop Doing in Your Life?

Often, we feel like we have to do nearly everything. We put pressure on ourselves to accomplish more than we need to do. This is especially true for busy moms who have "supermom" syndrome.

What can you stop doing?

Checking Your Phone - How often do you check your phone when you are out? Alternatively, even how often do you check it when at home? I know for me, this can be 100 times a day at a minimum.

Watching Television - How involved are you with watching television at the expense of the things you love to do? Family time may include watching TV together, but remember also create special family memories - memories that will last a lifetime!

Cruising the Internet – How much time do you travel the internet? Did you often know this does not truly bring real satisfaction to your life? I can say this is an area I am working on in my life.

Crazy Schedules - Do you have a crazy schedule? Review your plan and understand what you can remove so you can enjoy life more. Learn to say no to opportunities – decrease your stress levels in the process.

Find Ways To Gain Simple Pleasures

Firstly, give up whatever you can. Find ways to free your time, to relax, and recreate. Let us discuss a few simple changes that can make your life a lot happier. Alternatively, learn how you can make out time from your hectic life.

· Do What You Love - Maybe doing your job is not what you love, but do not let the responsibilities bind you. Find your passion and work for it. If you can't do it full time, then take your tiny steps and work in any way you can and try devoting more and more time to that one thing.

· Exercise or Workout - Your body releases endorphins when you exercise. Endorphins are chemicals that work to relieve pain or stress and boost happiness. You can feel on top of the world when your sweaty body walks out of the gym – or when you exercise regularly. You can continuously remind yourself to hit the gym instead of sleeping too much. It may be a hard task, but it is well worth it.

· Eating Right - What you eat affects how you feel. Healthy food boosts your mood and can make you feel happy. Then, when the high amount of stress hits us – many of us will eat junk food or go to a fast-food restaurant. Concentrate on giving your physique what it needs – the proper type of foods.

· Call Someone - Just talking to your old friend can instantly brighten your mood. Plus, nothing feels better than reliving past days with someone you care about.

· Ponder the Moment - When something beautiful happens in life, we usually rush over. Instead, one should take a pause with whatever they are doing and appreciate that moment.

· Keep a Diary - Maintaining a small diary and writing in it holds benefits. It provides an option to relive all the best moments of life which are written within. This can truly bring happiness to the heart –pondering happy times.

· Read a Good Book – If you enjoy reading, consider taking some time to read a book you enjoy. This is a beautiful way to take time out of a busy life.

· Breathe in Fresh Air – on a day with higher quality air, take time outdoors and breathe in the fresh air. Doing so helps to clear the mind and provides fresh oxygen to the body.

· Crafting or Card Making – if you enjoy crafting, then taking time out of your busy schedule to be creative is like breathing fresh air. Pencil in an hour each week to do crafting you enjoy.

· Give Electronics a Break - One study shows that an average American spends 2.4 hours a day in front of the tube. The research also indicates that not watching TV doesn't make you as happy as activities like running, playing, and eating food. Even think about the stress of electronics in general – give them a break as needed to enjoy life more!

Simple Pleasures - Vital to Mental Health

Enjoying the simple pleasures in life is vital to excellent mental health. Alternatively, mental health affects the rest of the body. So, take the time to enjoy one or more of the simple ways listed, or find your own.

Evaluate, Eliminate, & Prioritize

Eliminate time wasters and stress makers in your life. Take time to pause and relish the moment. Read a good book, be creative, exercise, and find ways to boost your life. Choose to be happy and make time out for you a top priority in your life!

Working is just part of your life, but not your whole life. Give yourself a break and savor things up. Always, always remember that you can give meaning and value to your own life. You are the only person who can make these changes in your life!

What are your simple pleasures in life? How do you spend time to improve your mental health and body? Leave your comments below – I would love to hear from you!

Barbi Green


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