Submitted Date 09/20/2022

He stands in front of me with one wild eye

His hooves are trimmed; his body so clean

He is muscular, confident; such a good guy

Not one thing out of place, I feel like a queen


I walk toward him as he lowers his head

I stroke his broad nose and speak slowly

What is between us remains unsaid

He and I know our love is better than holy


I approach his side, walk him out the door

To the field we go, with no reason to stop

I've never been so confident before

Nothing can stop us not a million raindrops


A feeling like flying nobody else could explain

We are together one, our hearts in sync

Galloping so fast people think we're insane

But when I open my eyes, I am what they think


No horse beneath me, nor by my side

No warm breath on my face this morning

We used to ride together in stride

Now I'm all alone in mourning


He is still galloping with pride

I am still on edge and storming

The feeling inside that I have is so grim

I wish I had one more ride with him


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  • Jacqueline Hemingway 1 year, 6 months ago

    A wonderful remembrance of a special horse. Made me think of my own special horse, my best friend, and I cried. What a joy it is to have such a beautiful being to have such a special bond with, a connection, communication and caring. Though sadness may come after they’re gone, the memories remain. Great poem Lilly!