Submitted Date 08/23/2019


There are some things you should not pack or vacuum seal before the desert
how much preparation does one need to be dry
all I want is a suit made of camouflage sand so I can
be invisible or fearless

to the homosapien element.


6:30 and Esplanade

Isolation coverings
of dust
make whole

again complete

was always there
never no more


only heat charged



Poem #1

Who is the devil
does she dance in the dark?
are they someone you know
how did we end up here

I guess we may never know.


Poem #2

Dancing zebras warm my heart
glitter is in my veins
snowy balls of joy slide down my throat
|ancient desert dust blows in my snatch

orange flowered umbrella

you stole my heart.


Jazz poem

Brass bong tones
long haired bones
silky ligaments flow
nous vous envellons toujours plus hant

sweet feminine tones
jazz quadrant silver suit fighters

beating like a wild hyena in my loin
forever brass blowing in time over and under the wine of 1975

I looked and saw a flash boom bang of a man spiraling me down.


Outward Jazz


Onto the earth
No more

Until caves were created
Men didn't know

Words were reprieve

Dancing in my bones always were forgot
For not

Keyboard Count Chocula



The photo would look like

Dancing lights on water
second chances for the first goodbye
large hoop earrings
facing male pattern baldness
crouched over
false hopes
sweat served food
under blue and red lights

jean jacket lovers
Remembering finite details of importance.




Chirrup- when somebody is bummed out


Huningungingnana- when you have to pee and you say this word three times and you won't have to pee anymore.


Areytaré- when someone is dancing so hard they tear the air.


Lipziptrip- when you have sex with a horse named Ron.


Esquale- when you have blood on your hands, and you want to clean it off, and you get it all over your face.


Toopswoop- Using sheep to sew up your tent.


Crossboihoi- hoisin sauce soaked arrows


Hewpeup- when you're on another planet and can't pull your pants up because of tentacle hands.


Isotopen- when your pen turns into a penis and you start to think, "wow, a penis."


Coaxleaxle- you are biking and see a pond with a cheese fountain in it!


Kikikanna- two c's in a row.


Esee- feeling of an empty jar after you peed in it and dumped it out.


Notionpotion- when your potion gives you a notion


Dick- it's a nice hard thing you want to put in your mouth or your sandwich when you eat.


Ragu- when your eyes cannot lubricate themselves anymore.


Arudiboop- when you close your eyes and walk and instead of getting where you thought you would get you get to an orgy.


Ginggan- A guy in a skirt with a glowing dildo.


Ooradorpi- When one of your friends is annoying but they are so cute that you shoot them in the face.


Taintnosaint- taint leaving a hole open to the dark lords.


Tristrying- fresh wounds you use as fun dip.


Exerdexter- a butt that fits perfectly on the edge of a blanket.


Nicolasnightrider- shining a flashlight on someone when they are peeing in someone else's yard.


Misterno- goats that became lazy and begin to knit sweaters for trees.


Eclurer- ligaturer de l'herbe pour la querir de la grippe


Dorflenting- trees that are bleeding and are screaming "hey, help me!" but nobody can hear except for the grass.


Opturimer- Panser un arbre qui saigne en


Coofle- when the birds fly overhead and the fruit flies are too busy ordering food and do not notice.


Stifflingling- jumping on a lit cigarette to put it out then yelling, "I am ready"


Owlfudge- when an owl makes fudge


Falopius- when you take one route and instead of getting where you get it is an all women's tent.


Assalicious- a guided reproduction


Reepareptile- when reptiles do a shitty job cleaning your house.


Noorping- trees sleeping


Ofloufanting- a cloud porn, jumping, laughing


Reelygig- when you jump out of your skin cause it is too hot


Lessant- to glide, like leap, no leap, across a vast surface such as a desert



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  • Rick Doble 3 years, 5 months ago

    Love the Burning Man ritual which comes from Neolithic rituals -- seems like it does strange things and gives a new perspective...