Submitted Date 11/03/2018

How do you let go, when you couldn't say goodbye?

How do you move on, when all you want to do is cry?

The tears flow freely, never seeming to end.

You face the day, forced to smile and pretend.

The sorrow is brightened by the flowers on display.

Their color reminds you of the games you used to play.

Again the tears find you, ripping and tearing your heart.

Your heart is broken, you are falling apart.

The emptiness that is left, leaves a hole nothing can fill.

Though it was years ago it hurts you still.

When innocence is lost, it is the worst kind of pain.

It destroys your mind until it makes you insane.

Answers are not given, understanding never arrives.

The sorrow still grows, on your insanity is thrives.

Flowers each year to commemorate the day.

Flowers for sorrow, because there are no words you can say.

Nothing explains it, the pain that is making you blue.

Nothing contains it, as it is slowly killing you.

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