Submitted Date 09/07/2019

I've never been good at math. But I do know a few things. Like 1+1 will always equal 2, and we aren't talking about that high level math where the ABCs get involved, I mean that simple learn it in the first grade kinda math. I also know number are infinite and so are possibilities, which means I could have met you a million different ways in a million different places and because of that I know there is a million ways I could kiss you. I could kiss you like it's the first time all over again. Excited and laughing and like falling without a thought to if someone will be there to catch you. I could kiss you like it's ythe last time. Tears in my eyes, breath and hands shaking wanting to touch but so scared I'll never let go. I could press my mouth to the corner of your mouth, a quick graze as I walk past my way out the door. Or I could brush my lips across your hand just to watch you smile. I could kiss you dressed all in white while my daddy cry's and my sisters wear flowers in their hair. I could kiss you tired in the morning, and at night, and at three am to the sound of crying while we both press a kiss to the little miracle we made. And so maybe I'll never be good at math, because 1+1 might equal 2 but sometimes it can be more.


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