Submitted Date 10/07/2018

If I did not wake would anybody care?

If I wasn't at the table would they notice I wasn't there?

If I shed a tear would they wipe it dry?

Does it bother anyone to see me cry?

My light is fading can anyone see?

Do I exist does anyone know it's me?

I make a meal and they all eat.

I wash the clothes and fold them neat.

But if I didn't would they know I was gone?

Who would cross the divide that has been drawn?

Who will rescue me from this great divide?

Would anyone notice if I had died?

The pain surfaces causing a void.

Speaking my thoughts causes all to be annoyed.

So I stay silent and turn my pain within.

The demands that are made are met with a grin.

No one can tell I am dying slowly inside.

No one cares of the tears I have silently cried.

In silence, I suffer waiting for dawn.

When no one will notice this woman is gone.

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