Submitted Date 08/13/2019

Shackled, manacled, hog-tied, she's all alone in this new world,

She tried to tell you, screamed it, "I am just a little girl!"

But when the wealthy come demanding what you've promised you now owe,

With ease you look away, your cash crop is her new woe.

When she cries herself to sleep now, wondering what she did so wrong

to wind up with such a fortune in a world she can't belong,

you can offer her the best drugs, sleepy- sleepy-bye, goodnight;

when the men return to their palaces everything will be alright.

But there's always some new sultan, some new prince from far away

creeping to her dungeon to rape her peace away.

Shackled, manacled, hog-tied, she's a prize bought, not won,

and now a steady stream to meet demand, so many girls undone.

The game is one of luxury, offer diamonds, offer pearls,

then lock them up, confine them, all these lonely little girls.


Taboo was once a haven, now that drive's not sex, it's prey

but they'll point their fingers, shame you, demand justice one day.

And when that day comes crashing around the empire you've fortified so well

Disappear into the darkness, a dead man to tell no tale.

Take the stories with you, however-imprinted on your soul,

the haze-inducing fantasy of men we may never know.





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