Submitted Date 01/21/2020

Stuck as a prisoner in the moment

Might as well make the most of it

Flip through that photobook

All the memories line up on a tight string

A thousand words, nonetheless one has to be spoken


The honor that was lost

The friends that were made

The verdict that was tossed

And the debts that were paid


Down the list

Memories and occasions that strutted their stuff on the stage

Please put on a show just for you and I and the rest

All those late-night Facetime sessions

The barbecues with steamy burgers and hotdogs on the grill on the hottest day of the year.

Their graduations, his first ball game, her first sleepover

That first attempt on the skateboard, and the motorcycle that went south down North Street

Being the best man or a bridesmaid, being there and representing for your day one

Last but not least, planning in your head, and on paper that elaborate vacation to anywhere we desire, high in the sky,

to space, to a galaxy not discovered yet, to the edge of the earth even

Trying to actually make it happen


But also pushing through the hangovers and layoffs that really hurt

Since life gives birth to a blessing and curse

Every moment is marked by fate

What haunts every sinner is a forgotten saint

The memories we created wrinkle and rust

But they thrive, driven by a labor of love, and a wIll to love



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