Submitted Date 01/06/2019

Last September, a Washington D.C. judge named Brett Kavanaugh was nominated to be the next Supreme Court Justice. This was a big deal: the Supreme Court is the highest court in the American legal system, and there are no term limits—each Justice will likely help shape American law for decades.


While the hearing was wracked with partisan division, there’s one point on which both sides of the isle can agree: it was a tragic event in American history. It was an absolute circus. The democratic senators were largely ignored in their requests, and the republicans were subjected to constant interruption and brow-beating. There were protesters screaming in the wings every half-hour. And for the finale, a brutal (alleged) sex scandal that unfolded over the course of two days. In the normally austere world of politics it was a spectacle unlike any in the past thirty years.


Most people didn’t watch the hearings, and it’s hard to blame them. Something about how long the hearings ran. And so it might be difficult to understand exactly what a travesty these last nomination hearings truly were. So, to provide an example, take a moment to watch the hearing of Justice Sotomayor (nominated in 2009). Feel free to skip around


[youtube embed]


Pretty dry, right? That’s what politics usually looks like. It’s a long, tedious ritual dictated largely by rules and tradition. Now, let’s look at the Kavanaugh hearing.


[youtube embed]


Notice anything different? You should. From the very first moment, Justice Kavanaugh’s hearing was a chaotic mess.




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