Submitted Date 09/13/2022

Dear God


A man once asked, "Dear God what do you do up there?"

He looked at his glass and started to ponder

God said, "It's a long story son, won't you pull up a chair?"

The man sat wouldn't listen and he started to wander


"Are you not going to listen?" God said to the man

As he walked down the sidewalk to another neon sign

The man responded, "I've done all that I can"

God answered, "Are you going to settle and say you're fine?"


The man thought hard and looked up and flipped him the bird

"You have no respect for your father. What kind of son are you?"

"You killed him off in the brutal winter of 66" the man slurred

God responded quietly, "there was nothing I could do."


The man looked up to the stars in the sky

He thought about it and wondered how that could be

All he could think to say was, "Dear God, why?"

To which he responded, "Son, it is me."


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