Submitted Date 04/13/2020

As I peer out the window

A case study in social distancing

The spaces and cracks between all the buildings is the same

Theres a car parked on every corner

No one's on the road, traffic is light, empty drivers seats all around


I cant even connect to my friends no more

See eye to eye

Place myself in and be a part of the messiness of their antiquated lives


I pride myself on stability

I expect the same of everyone else

But this isolation is getting to me, oh dearly

Even after the coming recession

Can I make my way in this world

I am not fond of disease

I protect and contain myself from the mere notion of vulnerability

My savings account reflects that

I'm handcuffed to the chair I'm seated on

My wrists itch to a dull red

I dont resist

I try to lean in to the unfortunate truth of the day

Nonetheless --

I see nothing in my common man

Because I do everything in my power to not be common

Even in tough times like these


Regardless, chants of national unity erupt, flags hanging out like chandeliers

Even those wearing gloves and masks fight to show their rugged war face

Expressionless and at a lost for words

I breathe at the window screen, gasping at the tiny specks of condensation, a sign of life


They have their peace of mind,

The peace of mind I've wished for

rings long after curfew has been set


But now,

The children, they're engaged, they're active, fists like guns clinging to their side

They give me hope for better

I anticipate an awakening


If martial law is imposed

My fellow countrymen will give me strength, give me clarity

I can see it through the fog, through the chemtrails, in the air

What's really going on, what the agenda really is


I will be alright

I will snap out of this

My fellow countrymen will be alright

The curve will flatten and we'll climb right over

This is only the beginning


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