Submitted Date 11/17/2019

The world is progressing though at times I feel I am standing still,

Looking to the future, bending to the demands, giving up on my own free will,

Taking a moment and finding myself,

Taking me down, removing societies scrutinizing shelf,

Showing the world who I am inside,

Apologizing for all of the times I have lied,

For saying I was okay when in truth I died a little each day,

But now I am tired of societies game, I no longer want to play,

I will show my truths, you can take them or not,

But the regulations that bind will all be forgot,

I will express my feelings and my voice will be heard,

To the world, my words will fly on the wings of a bird,

They will travel the path they were meant to take,

The smiles of oppression I will no longer fake,

I have chosen my journey and the first steps I have made,

There is no turning back for the price has been paid,

I have been silent too long, hiding who is inside of me,

The blessing has started, I am finally free.

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