Submitted Date 07/18/2022

I Can't Wish You Away


I love you more than words can describe

I didn't know I was capable of something so deep

My brain is hooked onto you like an addict to cocaine


To write down the reasons why would require a scribe

Even when I'm not awake, I love you in my sleep

Your love is branded deep inside of my brain


The things that my love does to your heart must hurt

It makes me question why you are even still here

I always thought you'd leave one day, but you always stay


Since I started hurting you, I've been as empty as a desert

I can't ask you to live with somebody you should fear

But for me, you'd sit in the middle of a moving highway


Your dedication will one day cause you to break

You'll shatter so bad there will be nothing left behind

If I believed, I'd be on my knees to desperately pray


I'd beg God to create an enormous earthquake

Something to break the ties that make our hearts intertwined

But no matter how hard I try – Still, I can't wish you away


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