Submitted Date 08/07/2023

The waters continued to rise.

One minute we were sitting at the table, enjoying a family meal, giving thanks for making it through another day, safe.

Safe not just from the elements but also from them as well, all of them.

Then in one split second we went from hearing laughter and watching the kids playing, to hearing screams and pure chaos. These weren't just normal screams but the kind of screams that nightmares are made of.

I had to take a moment to collect my thoughts.

Where are my children?!

Oh my God where are my children!?

They were just here; they were just right next to me!

As soon as I was able to form a complete thought I looked over and seen the guards people running from the front gate, the only gate to get through the wall…...and into the city!

The wall was too high for anyone to climb and after the Great Fall, everything left worth having or using remained inside the W.A.L.L. (Where All Live Long).


"The waters! The waters are coming! Run! Run!" I heard one of the guards yell.

From another I hear. "The breachers, their trying to get in! We have to run to Safety! Grab the children, Run!"

I look behind them, the gate is being breached!

They aren't just trying to breach the wall, but they're also running from the waters.

In all the years I've lived in the W.A.L.L I have never seen the waters rise so fast and with so much fury.

"Oh my God, the waters are coming!"

I feel small arms wrapped around my leg tightly, as I look down, I see my son is looking up at me with pure fear in his big brown eyes. Next to him is one of his sisters. I start looking around franticly for the rest of my kids.

They know where to go, they know what to do, they know where to go.

I tell myself over and over that they know to go straight to Safety, weather it was the waters or a breach, go straight to Safety. I know their father will make sure.

My face starts to get hot, and I can feel the tears streaming down my cheeks.

I quickly collect myself, Get the kids to Safety.

I grabbed my two youngest, and then.......

I woke up....

I'm covered in sweat, my face is wet from crying, every time the air from the fan would come flooding towards me, I'd get chill throughout my whole body.

My heart is racing, and I immediately sit up in a panic.

Next to me my husband is still sleeping.

Go check on the children!

My two boys are in their room sound asleep, my two youngest girls are also all in their rooms still sleeping, and my oldest is in her room sleeping (or pretending I think I seen her phone screen on).

Take a deep breath.

I walk back to the kitchen, grab a glass out the dishwasher and get some water and sit at the island.

These dreams are starting to feel so real, I'm always me and everyone is always them but the surroundings, our ages, our lives are so different.

Oh, please listen to me, I sound so damn crazy.

It's just that everything feels so real, it's not always so hectic, sometimes it's absolutely beautiful, or just normal but…... different.

Finished with my water and I walked back to the bedroom.

My husband is still asleep, so I slip back into bed.

Everything has me on edge now, every noise, every shadow.

Why did that feel so real, maybe I'm making more out of this than I should be. My husband always tells me that I'm always looking for signs in everything.

Why do I remember them like their memories, not dreams? It's always in vivid colors, I could almost still feel my sons' hand in mine, I could taste the food as I ate. Maybe I'm trying to make a mountain out of a mole hill.

I heard the owl again tonight.

He's always outside my window on nights that I have these dreams.

Here I go again making something out of nothing.

Tonight, I think he's talking to me, he's telling me about his adventures.

I wonder if I can see him out my window.

Oh my, it's a snow owl. He is absolutely beautiful and he's just sitting there looking at me.

The bathroom door closes.

One of the kids must be going to the bathroom. I guess I'll lay back down and try to fall asleep.

I'm almost scared to fall back asleep, what if I go back to that same dream. Overthinking again.

I finally manage to get comfort in bed….



The waters continue to rise, where are my children?............

Regina M Basile


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