Submitted Date 08/18/2019

Detective Lieutenant David Rigby drove up to the crime scene. There was already a paramedic van at the sight. Dave saw that his aide, sergeant Andrea Meadow was talking to the paramedics as he drove up in the old BMW he owned. Andrea's little Toyota Civic was parked to one side. Behind the yellow crime scene tape were a dozen statues that appeared to be people. Three of the statue were laying on the ground, in poses that suggested that they were originally standing.

Dave pulled up and got out of his car. Straightening his suit as he walked to the small group of people talking outside of the crime scene tape. "Sergeant, what is the situation."

"Vamps, sir." Andrea gestured to the statues that resembled people. "It appears that a bunch of kids came over here and found them early this morning. Before the sun had completely cleared the horizon. One of the kids got bit."

Dave ducked under the crime scene tape. He saw the body among the vamps who were frozen by the sun. Despite knowing that the diseased people were frozen by the sunlight, Dave was careful not to get to close. Some might be further along then everyone thought. It wasn't unusual for rogues like these to be playing possum in order to get a little blood.

That would make him infected, which would mean patch treatments until the vampirism was cured. The young man laying on the ground was infected. From what Dave could tell, after being bit he must of become paralyzed and fell to the ground. Dave couldn't understand why the paramedics hadn't come in and taken him out. Until Dave realized that the boy was dead, not infected.

"The kids that were with him said they were tipping vampires when one of them turned on the boy there and drained him." Andrea said. "When the one attacked him, they ran off, afraid of getting infected."

"They knew that a rogue will take just enough blood to hide." Dave mused. "Planned to come back or just called police."

"They came back and found him dead." Andrea said. "Then they called the cops."

"Well, lets get patches on them, then have the vampire pickup truck bring them to the detox center." David looked at the ground. Seeing a mix of footprints. "Too bad no one knew this was a crime scene. Aside from the kids there should be another set of footprints going out from the scene."

Most of the vamps were teenagers, who were the most vulnerable. That and the hormones in the blood provided extra stimulus for vampires. Some teens actually allowed themselves to be infected, despite the public service announcements warning them. There were misconceptions concerning immortality, power, and predatory nature of the vampire that attracted teenagers.

Young vampires spend much of the night trying to get their food, which is blood cells. The disease depletes the blood cells causing a craving for blood. The younger the vampire the stronger the craving. In older vampires the blood craving isn't as strong, their bodies become used to the depleted blood cell count. Sunlight causes paralysis. In addition long term exposure to the disease causes genetic mutation which causes cellular regeneration at an extremely accelerated rate. Lack of blood will make vampires sluggish and they begin to age until they get blood to renew their cells.

Starving young vampires are so concerned with obtaining blood in any quantity that they often end up in the open when the sun comes up. This causes them to slow down and essentially become paralyzed. Making the young vampires targets for a teenage activity of vampire tipping.

Dave found what he was looking for. A single set of tracks leading into the nearby woods. The vamp had totally drained a victim. Starving or not, a vampire never kills a victim these days. Killing brings the vampire hunters like David. The older vampires tend to be sociopaths. They don't kill because they care too much about their own existence to take the chance on someone like David. Who was on the supernatural task force or STF would find them and take them into custody.

The punishment for killing a mortal was death. Turning a vampire against their will was death. Making unregistered vampires was starvation until the vampire fell into the death sleep. In which they had terrible nightmares they can't wake up from. In time the starving vampire is given blood and the punishment is over, unless they violate the restriction code again at which time their punishment is death. That was the basic justice code for vampires.

Most vampire infections come from young, new made unregistered vampires who are starving. These young vampires are often captured and given a patch with the cure in it. These are often vampires created by younger vampires who don't care about registration, only getting their blood from their next victim.

After receiving the cure patch the vamps are taken to an isolated place to help them get over their blood withdraws which happens during the cure. Once the vampire detoxes the cure is complete and they no longer have blood desires. Any mutations though the victim retains. This is usually limited to elongated teeth, ears, seeing in the dark, and many other minor changes and abilities.

With a full tank of blood from the kid, Dave doubted that this vampire was any place close. Once the vamp took all of the kid's blood it would have much more energy. At least the energy of a mortal who had stayed up all night, the paralysis wouldn't effect it. Dave wasn't going to find the vamp by himself, and it might still be active if he did. Dave wasn't willing to be bit.

"Get a few uniforms to search the woods. Let them know the thing is still likely to be active." Dave told Andrea. "I want to look over the kids' statements and once the vamps are at detox and are rested I want statements from them too."

Dave went back to the area where the vamps had been. Their statue like bodies had been removed. In the muddy field where they had been lay the body. Undisturbed as the paramedics removed the vamps. Pictures had been taken, they would be on his desk when he got back. Dave bent over the body and looked for the signs. Before the body could be taken out of sunlight, Dave had to check it. Even drained completely of blood the vamp disease could reanimate the corpse making it a brain damaged blood starved vampire. The most dangerous. It wouldn't stop killing people until it was killed.

To be assured that wouldn't be the case Dave examined the corpse. Afterwards Dave put two bullets into the back of the neck. Severing the spinal cord from the skull. Causing paralysis if the thing reanimated and became of monster. A stake will also cause a similar paralysis if driven through the heart. Only cutting off the vamp's head, letting the blood drain out of the corpse and burning the whole thing would assure that a vampire was dead. Patches were usually used on vampires to cure them, but the undead monsters like this kid could turn into the patches didn't work.

Somewhere there was a killer vampire. It had killed a kid, when it wasn't necessary or even had a need from hunger. Usually a pint of blood was all one needed. About what was donated during a blood donation. Seldom enough to kill a healthy kid. This vamp had taken what was needed from the kid, then, no longer starving it continued. It had kept going until it sucked the victim dry of blood. Causing not only death, but the possibility of the corpse reanimating into a monster.


All of the statements were the same. There were ten kids in all. The sun was just coming up, the vamps weren't moving. The kids started tipping the vamps, who would struggle at first then freeze up again. The usual reaction. Vamps prefer to be paralyzed while standing. Something instinctual. If knocked down they tended to struggle a little to stand, but simply don't have the strength.

They reached one that was faking, which some do. Especially in the early morning, before the sun completely clears the horizon. It latched on to their friend and began sucking. The other kids were terrified of being infected and ran. Thinking that they'd call the cops and have them come get their friend. Who would have to be patched, quarantined until medical was sure he was cleared up and not wanting to suck blood.

"If they hadn't been out there tipping vamps that boy would be alive today." Andrea said as she went through the reports. "There should be laws against it."

"There is, if the vamp gets injured in some way, but most of the time it's ignored. Just kids having fun. I have to admit I did it once." David said.

"Why would you do something that stupid?" Andrea was always open with him. Said what she thought, even though he outranked her. It wasn't disrepect like some people accused Andrea of. It was simply honesty.

"Hormones, Andi, thats why. The same reason the other kids did it. The hormones make them stupid." Dave told her.

"Not an excuse, I never did."

"You never did anything stupid when you were a kid?"

"Yeah, but not playing around with a diseased person who could alter your DNA."


It was 2:00 AM when the girl was found in an alley way. Completely drained. David was immediately contacted. He was not happy when he was fully awake and arrived at the crime scene. A dark narrow alley which was filthy. Lit up by cheap neon signs. The girl was a teen, dressed in a school girl type outfit. The fashion statement these days.

It wasn't impossible that this was caused by a different vampire, but it was unlikely. This particular vamp would now be fully charged. It would be going into shelter from the sun soon. Despite the full tank of blood, the vamp would lose blood cells fast. it would want to hide and save it's energy. It shouldn't have hunted so soon, nor did it need so much blood to find a place to lay up and obtain blood the next evening. This vamp was out for power by conserving it's blood, even though it was actually over feeding.

"Couldn't he have just waited until the morning?" Andrea said as she arrived after David did.

"He's a smart one. Keeping his tank full, so that he can take his time and hunt, find a decent place to hide." David said. "He has more than enough blood."

"He's just been spending more time as a vamp. Bet he's got the long teeth and his ears are starting to point." Andrea said. "Maybe even some bluish tint to his skin."

"Not quite, he is human enough to fool people. This girl must have gotten close." David started to stroll down the alley. "I'm thinking she's straight, so it's a guy vamp. As you know, if the thing can get close enough to bite, it can paralyze her with it's saliva, infecting her too."

"Why doesn't she reanimate and walk around." Andrea knew that the virus would reanimate the body. She always wondered why a victim that died in the process wouldn't.

"A vamp needs enough blood cells to interact with the virus. If a vamp drinks only half of a victims blood, the virus keeps the system animated, but when the virus only has a minimal amount of blood, say less than three quarters it can't work it's magic. The brain dies, if the corpse did manage to rise, it would be a zombie. A few have, but these are no more than mindless corpses."

"I've heard about those, they turn cannibal don't they?" Andrea kept her eye out as she spoke.

"Yes we had a mutated virus a while back that created some in rural areas, but we managed to eliminate them, and hopefully the virus." David took out a .50 Colt automatic. It was a formidable weapon that could do serious damage to a young vampire.

Andrea carried a assault shotgun, not only capable of damaging, but killing a vampire. If you sever a limb, destroy the brain or the heart, the vamp will die. Only the most powerful, aged vampires can withstand a severed limb or shot to the head.

"He is long gone." Andrea said.

"Perhaps, but I get the feeling that he might have stuck around." David was watching the rooftops.

"No way." Andrea watched ahead of her. "No vamp would hang around after an attack. This one killed a person. He's gone in a flash after he made his kill."

"Unless he has become, or was a serial killer, before he was turned into a vamp." Which was one of the reasons the old vamps had to register their converts. No convert could have a felony record.

"That would be really bad." Andrea felt a shiver at the thought. "If this guy gets off on killing his victims, he'll have no problem making a kill every night, until he is strong enough not to need the blood as bad. Then he'll kill occasionally and watch us squirm. Until he decides to retire or goes into a death sleep."

"Well, if he was here he's gone now." David was at the end of the alley, the dead end was piled with trash.

Andrea was happy to hear that. Still, she didn't relax. Vamps were agile and could climb walls fairly easily. A vamp could jump up to twenty feet straight up. Up to fifteen feet across. They could run up to twenty-five miles per hour. They had twice the strength of a normal person and speed. These were the young ones, older vamps were even faster, more powerful. With superior hearing, smell, and able to see in the dark. Some say they had superior taste and touch, there was no real way to determine that, but they did have hardened nails and a powerful bite.

Vamp clubs were dangerous. You could go in and not come out. You could come out completely different from what you used to be. It wasn't just the change of being turned into a vamp, you could be tortured, whether you were turned or not, and held prisoner and fed on. Vamp clubs were clearly marked, with warning signs, and that seemed to attract non-vamps rather than discourage them.

David flashed his badge to the bouncer. A muscular vamp who was watching the door, it was possibly a few decades old. From the bluish tint to it's skin, somewhat pointed ears, glittering eyes it wasn't that young, but not an ancient either. Inside was the flash of strobes, rotating colored lights, and the glitter of several mirror balls in the ceiling. The crowd was a mix of teenagers, young adults, and young vamps. Most no more than ten years.

David circled past the dance floor, through tables lining the walls. There were older vamps here like the bouncer at the front door. A door leading to the back rooms was watch over by a male known in the vampire community as a Centurian. Meaning the vamp was over a hundred years old. Not in the ancient category, but powerful enough to stop someone even a trained human vampire hunter if he wanted to. He didn't.

Through the door were a mixed bag of vamps, though none in the centurian rank. Going up the stairs, David was challenged by two more centurians, before he was allowed in the office. Inside the office were two female vamps of the young category, but stabilized. Not like the ones a they had found yesterday, who were still finding their way.

Behind a century old desk was a near ancient. Several hundred years old. Hispanic in origin. He didn't have the blue tint of younger vampires. His ears had lost their pointed shape. His eyes were black, like jet stones. Most old vamps like this one wore sun glasses to hide their disturbing eye color. It bothered even the vamp who could seldom look in the mirror. If they saw their black eyes in a mirror they usually break the mirror. Which was why most older vamps didn't like mirrors.

"Teniente Rugby." Said the Vamp. "Como saber yo auxilio bajar?"

"You can start by speaking english, you've forgotten how to speak Spanish anyway." David said.

"Well, it's been nearly two hundred years since a spoke Spanish on a regular basis." The vamp replied.

"Carlos, we have a unregistered vamp killing people." David got right to the point. "This would be someone who might gloat about his kills."

"If I learn about it, it's death sleep for him, until the authorities come for it." Carlos said, in a cold dispassionate voice. "I will send out feelers. We can't have this. The next thing will happen is that mortals will use this as an excuse to hunt us again. I will contact you Teniente Rugby."

With that they were out of the office, out of the club, driving home.

"Teniente?" Andrea sat in the passenger side as David drove.

"Lieutenant in Spanish." David explained. "Carlos was Spanish once, but I don't know what he is now. As he said, he hasn't spoken Spanish regularly in two hundred years."

"Simple, Lieutenant, he's a vampire, has been for a while, as far as I can tell."

"I have to wonder how these old vamps stay sane, after centuries of life."

"As far as I can tell, they don't. Not sane like you and me, at least." Andrea replied.


They found body three the next morning. Someone had thrown the body into the dumpster. Found by a store clerk who was using the dumpster, about noon that day. This was an unnecessary kill, even a young vampire didn't need this much blood. It was a bus boy from a nearby restaurant who had taken out trash the night before.

"This isn't about blood anymore, this is a serial killer. We have to find this bastard fast." David said. "We will have to go through the regular police now, get them to set up bait. I hate to do it, but we'll have to stake out a few officers. In the meantime, I'll talk to Carlos and have all of the vamps in the city get together with our own cops to help hunt this bastard down."

"We haven't used human bait since the old vampire hunts at the turn of the century." Andrea said.

"That was before registration. We were luring out the killer vampires back then so that we could make an example of them. When the other vampires began to fall into line, we no longer needed to lure them out, and we began to register them. This is different, we are after a specific monster who is killing for pleasure."

"Still, we will be taking a big chance that someone will get infected." Andrea pointed out.

"A curable infection these days." David countered. "Besides, I plan to put some vamps out there too, hopefully not too close, but close enough."

David and Andrea sat in a rented room above a empty storefront. Not so empty as there was a host of cops from city and state resources. All of them were in plainclothes and most awaiting for assigned areas. In close proximity were a number of vamps, most of them younger vamps, but Carlos had convinced a few older vampires to participate.

David and Andrea was with the sound equipment and video monitors tapping into all of the cities various cameras by computers and laptops. They were tapped into more than traffic light cameras, there were private outside cameras outside warehouses, storefronts, cafes, restaurants, and many other places. In the shadows between streetlights, neon lights, and windows of clubs, bars, and other establishments was where the plainclothes police officers with their vamp escorts would be.

David was hoping that they'd catch this bastard before he killed again. David was certain it was a male vamp. A sly one too. David had never known a young vamp to take so much blood at one time. Normally even the young vamps don't take that much blood even when hungry. It could be a evolution of the vampire strain or a new strain all together. That was what David feared, a new, more powerful strain of vampire which would require much more blood. If this was the case there would be a lot more murders and the vamps may turn on each other, before the humans decided to eliminate them all once and for all. Not that they were successful the first time, but it would be a devastating war.

Despite the bait, despite the constant surveillance, the help from the vamps the creature had gotten around them. It was a club girl this time. Found in a maintenance closet just beyond the bathrooms. A back fire door had been opened and set off the alarm for the Club Bela. A vamp and human mix club. Drained completely of blood.

Andrea stood in the alley way with David, they were looking around. The vamp had made a mistake, he had set off an alarm, the data that could be obtained was already being saved, stored, and sent to their personal computers at police HQ. David had wanted to see the site of the crime. David had walked up and down the alley. This alley wasn't a dead end. It came out on Davis Street and on Dania Street on the other side. Both had cameras. Neither camera had caught anyone going out alone, there was a couple who went into the alley, but they were both human, their purpose there was obvious.

David had thought the vamp had faked going out the door and returned to the club. But there was a camera there too. Which was fortunate, since although the camera wouldn't record the vamp leaving it did catch the vamp and the girl going back into the hall with the restrooms.

"I've got him." David froze the video from the club, had the computer enlarge and clear up the black and white image as much as he could. He was dressed as a typical goth teenager. Skinny as a rail, black hair, black clothes, mesh shirt and cargo pants, combat boots, long black trench coat. "I've got a clear enough picture to send out to HQ and to State HQ. We can contact Carlos. Email him a copy of the picture so his vamps can start looking for this bastard."

"He's cute." Andrea was looking over David's shoulder. When he said he had a clear image, Andrea had gotten up from her station to look. "Really doesn't look like a killer."

"He's a vamp, infected by a DNA mutating virus." David sighed. "He had deliberately killed his victims. Don't let that 'cute' persona fool you, he'd kill you in a heartbeat."

"So, we kill him in the end." Andrea stood up and walked back to her desk. "We have to find him first, though."

"Hopefully, before he kills another." David added.


After the picture had circulated the vamp community rallied. They looked for the goth vamp in every club, street, and bar. The next body was that of a vamp. It's cells were already beginning to melt as the virus ravaged the dead body trying to keep alive long enough to transfer to another human. The body of a vamp was considered a biohazard as a result.

"It killed one of mine." Carlos was at the crime scene with David and Andrea. "A registered prodigy of my creation. Now, I am truly angry."

"At least he didn't cannibalize her." Andrea commented.

"He knows better. Cannibalizing another vampire, or taking a vampire's blood, is forbidden because the virus could mutate and create a dangerous, if not fatal variation that could wipe out not only the vampire population, but the human one as well." Carlos watched the biohazard team put the body in a black plastic bag. "A shame, she was a pretty little thing, now she's just so much garbage."

"She is a victim of a nasty little sh*t who really is pissing me off." David said.

"What if he did cannibalize her?" Andrea turned away as the biohazard team began to clean the alley of any lingering traces of the vamp meltdown. "Would it affect him right away, maybe that is why this one is so dangerous, he cannibalized some other vampire and it mutated him."

"If he did we will destroy him, destroy his body, right away before the virus can spread." David walked away looking for any nearby cameras. The more pictures he had of this vamp the better.

"Assuming he didn't cannibalize her, why do you think he killed her?" David said to Carlos, who was following David.

"She must have recognized him from the video reports that are all over town with his picture on it." Carlos pointed to a street camera. "He can't evade those forever. Sooner or later they are going to lead us to him."

"He can't kill them all." David pointed out. "Sooner or later you should be getting a report from one of your people."

"Which I will then send directly to you, have no fear." Carlos said. "We do find it distasteful to kill our own kind."

"Why doesn't he just get out of town? If he hasn't already." Andrea had been walking behind them listening.

"Because our kind don't like to stray very far from our place of origin. Vampiric origin that is. Not our birth place. Which means he comes from here." Carlos said. "If he leaves here he will take native soil to sleep on during the day. That part of the legend is true. We sleep on our native soil."

"All the same, it can't be that hard to get some soil." Andrea thought of the many parks.

"If he manages to dig up and transport that much soil. Figure he needs plenty in case he loses it. Possibly a small packing crate maybe three by three feet full of soil." Carlos tapped his foot on the paved alley. "He'll have to get it from a park close to where he was created. That much soil will be missed from a park."

"We'll have the park services and security look into the possibility and keep their eyes out for someone trying to dig a meter square of soil from their park." David said as he noted the cameras from either side of the alley.

There was no video coverage from the two cameras. David knew what was happening. A fully powered vampire could run straight up a wall. The vamp was using the rooftops. He could go straight up a wall then leap from building to building. Dropping down into any alley anywhere that the buildings were close enough to jump across.

Which also meant that David was looking in the wrong place. At the wrong video cameras. It also meant that David knew where to hunt. He could mover the rooftops as well as anyone. Better than some. He decided he would bring Carlos with him. Andrea would stay and monitor the rooftop cameras and other monitoring devices that might detect rooftop movement.

Older vampires like Carlos were capable of jumping from rooftop to rooftop easily. David proved he could keep up. Of course, Carlos could smell something was wrong, but he couldn't figure it out. Carlos knew all of the old ones. So, David couldn't be one of them. Yet, there was that wild scent. Carlos wondered if vampires weren't the only legendary creatures within the city.

Andrea watched the two of them leaping across the rooftops and knew something wasn't right. There was no way that David could make those leaps as a human. Andrea suspected that she knew what David was. Which would make him a perfect hunter. Both of them were dressed in black, so Andrea could only see their faces. Carlos was pale, but David had the human skin tone. Andrea wondered how long ago it had been when he became mortal again.

That was when Andrea caught a glimpse of him. "Got someone jumping rooftops between Cassia and Davis Streets. Moving fast."

Hearing Andrea over the radio both creatures moved towards the other creature jumping across rooftops. "Roger that, heading that way."

Carlos watched David go down on all fours. "Ancient one." He said in awe as David took the form of a wolf. Carlos had not seen an 'ancient one' since he was first converted more than four hundred years ago. Only the very old vampires could shift their shape.

David ran on all fours now and still jumped the rooftops as quickly as he did in human form. He left Carlos behind. As a result he was alone when he found the vampire. This vampire wasn't a young vampire. He was old, very old. Not quite a thousand years old, but close to it. Much older than Carlos. He spotted David heading for him, knowing exactly what David was. He transformed into a wolf and the two in animal form collided.

Snapping and snarling the two supernatural wolves circled each other. They would lunge at each other. Cautious. Carlos could smell the ancient, but David smelled wild, organic, while the ancient smelled sour, like old blood gone rancid. The ancient one turned into a demonic human form that was possible for Carlos to obtain. In this form the vampire had deadly claws, fangs, and glowing red eyes. Their skin harden into tough leather. David turned into something else entirely at this point.

His form became humanoid, but certainly wolf-like. "Not possible." Carlos said to himself. As he transformed into his own demonic form to join the attack.

"A werewolf." Andrea said as she got ready to join the other two. She had a special gun for killing vampires. It looked like a shotgun, for all practical purposes it was.

Ancient vampire collided with the adult werewolf. David took his elongated canine mouth and bit down on the ancient's shoulder. Dug his talon tipped fingers deep into the vampire's back. He felt the ancient try to dig his own claws into the thick animal flesh on David's own back. The vampire snapped with his fangs. Not able to find a hold with his teeth.

Carlos held back as the monsters fought. David was not the ancient vampire Carlos had thought he was, he was Loup Garou instead. Carlos might have been a monster, but David was one that even vampires feared. A legend that suddenly came to life. Unlike the vampires who had revealed themselves, people like David had kept their affliction secret. Suddenly the wildness Carlos always smelled from David made sense.

The ancient vampire had incredible regenerative powers. As David used his claws to rip flesh from the monster it regenerated as fast as he tore it. The ancient's flesh was growing back where David's teeth had clamped down on it. Flesh regenerated so fast it was forcing David to release his bite on the creature's shoulder. David held the creature at arm's length as the powerful ancient tried to bite and claw him.

David shook the vampire like a rag doll. Dazing the creature, drew it in and clamped down on the vampire's shoulder again. This time David pulled back a clawed hand and drove it into the ancient vampire's chest.

Flesh tried to grow around David's hand as he drove it into the vampire's chest. He felt inside and grabbed at something that was moving inside. The vampire threw back his head and screamed, he clawed at David as he screamed. David pulled and yanked at the beating thing inside of the vampire's chest. It resisted coming out of the vampire. David pulled with all of his strength and the monster's heart came out of his chest. David crushed the horrid heart in his hand as the ancient vampire began to disintegrate into an ashy substance.

David turned to Carlos who was still in his demonic form. "Easy now, Senor Loup, we don't want any unpleasantness." Carlos held up his hands and reverted to his human form.

David returned to his own form. Naked, his clothes had torn and fell from his body when he metamorphosed into a wolf. He walked over and pulled the torn clothing back on.

"How did you do that?" Carlos asked him.

"It has a lot to do with the moon. It's full, now. So I called on my full powers." David said.

"I wanted to turn into a wolf, into a werewolf, so I did. Just like I might pick up something with my hand and move it around."

Andrea arrived soon after with her shotgun. Only to find a greasy smear, David badly mauled, but healing at incredible speed, and Carlos as nervous as a rabbit who heard a eagle cry. David had torn his clothes. She knew why, it was his transformation. Andrea decided not to reveal that she knew what David was, in case there was some supernatural code between David and other creatures of his kind. It wouldn't help if a mortal knew his secret. Which must be the case, since David and his kind never revealed themselves when vampires did.

"Looks like I missed the fun." Andrea said.

"David did most of the work." Carlos said. "It turned out to be an ancient vampire. Not many of those old buggers left. Don't know why he stuck around after the first kill. He doesn't really need soil from his birth place, he could have taken off at any time."

"I don't know. Some habits are hard to break." Andrea suggested. "He must have spent centuries sleeping on his home soil. He might not have come from Newsport originally though. He might have a coffin with soil somewhere."

"Most ancient vampires are from either Europe or Asia. My bet is that he came from Europe, since he didn't look oriental." David said. "Depending on how many centuries he has been in America, he might have adjusted by now."

"I still sleep on soil from my own country." Carlos inserted.

"It doesn't matter, but that might only be psychological. I think it wanted to be caught." David was ready to get off the roof top.

"Why would it want to be caught." Andrea said.

"It was most likely bored." Carlos said. "We live so long that we get bored easily. Killing mortals may have been exciting for it."

"That could be. It thought it was indestructible. it didn't expect to encounter a werewolf." David moved towards the exit door that Andrea had come through to get to the roof. "Like most serial killers it thought it was smarter than the rest of us, and too powerful to stop if we did learn what he was."

The three of them left the roof. All that was left of the serial killer was the greasy smear on the roof. There was camera footage, Carlos and Andrea were witnesses. David had decided to reveal his own secret, so that other people like him could come forward if they wanted to.






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