Submitted Date 03/11/2019

So when it comes to Solange's new album "When I Get Home," here's my thoughts. I think that for one with any album, you have to sit down and marinate. If you don't like it after the fact of marinating for about a week, then you probably truly don't like it. I know songs I absolutely contested upon 1st listen, but loved after really letting it sit with me, not that I was forcing myself to like it, it's like they say, "don't judge a book by its cover." 1st listen, full judgment, is judging a book by its cover to me.


But back to the album, Solange's new album "When I Get Home." I definitely understand people's criticism, because it basically is a repeat of the same line several times for basically all of the songs. So there's basically no lyrics, so you can say it makes you feel like,“there’s nothing to truly connect to.” The album is short, despite there being only 19 song; I agree with that criticism as well. However, I don't think it's a bad album. I feel like all albums have their own purpose and style. This is a vibe album. This is an album that you listen to while laying in your bed reflecting over your life, or before you go to bed, or cleaning up around the house. The self-love day, type of album.


The album sounds like our black folks songs, music from our ancestors about, reminiscing stories of our blackness. Sitting across the tribal fires in celebration of our blackness as we perform our music, live in the most natural way from the elements of nature and using our voices, as we hurdled around in a big circle and just dance; dance a memorable, beautiful illmatic dance of our being and history because our existence is just that, beautiful and memorable. Like the New Orleans Mardi Gras tribal experience, at least in modern day times.


This album is better listened as the visual aspects of it via Apple Music because you can understand what the story behind the songs she sings that upon 1st listen, may seem like they have no background and are just drunk, high slurred moments. It's one of those albums that you may have to see the visual aspect to it to appreciate the song at hand. You know those songs we see the music video, and then we truly love the song? Like the songs that have the dance that goes with the video, and so once we love the dance and the music video, the song has the life to carry by itself with or without the video element accompanying it? It's kind of one of those.

Solange “When I Get Home” visual experience: https://itunes.apple.com/us/music-video/when-i-get-home/1454474397


I think the product of the album is beautiful, and it really compliments her voice. Her voice just sits like velvet wrapping ever so gently over the production. It just flutters. This is definitely that walk in nature album. It also helps if you read the backstory of the album, which 'Vulture' did and highlights the tales behind the album: https://www.vulture.com/2019/03/solanges-when-i-get-home-explainer.html


Once you understand, you understand. It's like they say, "Once one learns how to ride a bike, they can never forget it because it gets stored within the procedural memory." So once you understand the backstory, you can truly appreciate the album. In its own way, it's brilliant in what it took to make this album and the backstory behind each song, which is mostly expressed through the visual aspect on Apple Music.

So try to understand the essence of this album before dismissing it, and if you dismiss it then, then you've done your job.

FYI, standout tracks are "Things I Imagined," "Way to the Show," "Dreams," "Almeda," "My Skin My Logo," "Binz,""Time (is)," and "Stay Flo." "Binz" is reminiscent to "Stillness is the Move" (hardcore solo fans know) to me.



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