Submitted Date 10/20/2019

How To Organize Your Life & Be More Productive

Do you often feel disorganized? Do you want to discover how to organize your life and be more productive? Then, read and use these six tips to help you move forward to being more organized!

Organization Tip #1 – Write down your to-do list, dates, & creative thoughts.

Writing down your to-do list will help you to remember the things you need to do. This sounds like such a simple tip, but many do not use it from day to day.

What things should you write down? Let's start by writing down important dates and appointments. Usually, these will be written into a calendar you refer to every day.

Next, daily writing your to-do list will help you to stay focused on the most important tasks which need to be done in your life. Determine the most important job you need to accomplish first.

Some experts suggest tackling your most laborious task of the day first. Of course, this depends on your personal preferences. Maybe, you do better and feel more motivated to do a few more straightforward tasks first. Try different ways to see how much you can accomplish and get organized. Choose the approach which works best for you.

Next, don't forget to write down your creative thoughts. This is a beautiful way to put your thoughts on paper for later review.

What do you dream of doing one day? What goals would you like to accomplish this year? These are things you should be writing down. If you don't write them down, you may never take the time to create steps to achieve them in your life.

Organization Tip #2 – Create a weekly schedule and include goal deadlines.

Another organization tip is to create a weekly schedule for yourself and your family. Without a plan, you may not realize how much time is being wasted during your week.

Weekly schedules include your work time, chore time, and to do's for the week. You can also schedule in time to relax and even work toward your personal goals. Including a deadline will give you a specific time to work on accomplishing your dream goals.

When you don't accomplish everything, reset for the next week. Don't get discouraged in the process. Think about what changes may need to be made for you to be more organized in your life. And, how can you implement those changes into your weekly or monthly schedule?



Organization Tip #3 – Deal with times of procrastination head-on.

This is an area I need to remember, and maybe you do too. What are things taking up too much time in your days or weeks? Is it cruising social media or online stores for endless hours?

Deal with these times of procrastination head-on. Determine to only allow yourself to spend one hour a day or week on social media. If you like to shop online for long periods, use the online shopping time as a reward for getting a certain number of things done during your week. And only spend an hour or two at the end of a successful week as a reward.

Organization Tip #4 – Organize your home and life on a regular basis.

Regularly take the time to organize the home and your life. This may mean creating a home organization schedule – including daily tasks to be done to stay organized. You may choose to spend a short amount of time each day in one room of the home – quickly declutter and organize the areas.

Organizing your life can include a variety of things – keeping your checkbook register updates, filing your paper bills regularly, or even planning weekly menus for the family. The important thing is to "see" where you need the most help. And, take the time to tackle that area of your life to be more organized.

Organization Tip #5 – Delegate family duties and/or work duties.

Sometimes delegating tasks can be the hardest thing to do. In my home as a single parent, I mostly take care of all the home chores. But, it would be easier for me if I take the time to delegate some of the duties. Yes – things get done better if I do them – but it adds to my stress levels and decreases my energy levels. Delegate, delegate, delegate to help you organize your life, and be more productive!

If you are able to delegate work duties, then this will help you be more productive during work time, as well. What projects at work can you hand off to someone else who can help you? Also, who would be the right candidate to learn new skills in the project, you can use some help with? You might be amazed at who can do a great job on the project!

Organization Tip #6 – Organize & maintain your thought life.

Keeping your thought life on the positive side will help you to move forward in organizing your life and be more productive. Your thinking affects your life. If you think negatively all the time, you will have a negative output. If you focus on positive thoughts all day, you will be more likely to move forward and feel great about it.

What do your thoughts consist of? Do you often think about "how you cannot do this task at hand?" Or, do you think daily about "how hard life is?" If so, then I challenge you to think differently!

Instead of negative thoughts, focus on some of these positive notes:

· I can do this by taking one step at a time.

· I am successful in my life.

· I will not worry about things taking place in my life.

· I will face each situation with courage, and I will overcome them.

· I will have a good day today, no matter what comes my way.

· I will not allow what other people think of me to determine my self-worth.

Are You Ready to Get Started?

So, are you ready to get started living a more organized and productive life? Then, consider using these tips to help you get started.

Use writing your to-dos and thoughts down daily. Create a schedule that works for you and make adjustments as needed. Eliminate times of procrastination and take step by step to move forward in your life. Delegate tasks to others in the family or at work. And most importantly, organize and maintain a positive thought lifestyle! Now, you are ready to move forward!


Barbi Green


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