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Creative Crafting: 8 Health Benefits of Card Making

Do you enjoy card making or being creative through other artistic avenues? Did you know there are well-being benefits you can gain in the process?

According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, creative expression creates a powerful contribution to individual health and well-being. Research in the area of artistic expression covers music, visual arts, dance, and expressive writing.


For this article, we will look at the benefits of creative expression by making card crafts. Card making can be therapeutic for those who are making them and fun to whom you give them. Learn these eight card-making benefits and why they are helpful!

8 Specific Benefits Gained Through the Art of Card Making

Creative Expression

Art and hobby crafting is a fantastic way to pass the time and express your creativity. This is also true with card making. Recent research shows that crafts such as card making can be more than just a simple hobby. Also, creating them gives you many health benefits. This includes improved mental health, increased cognitive function, and improving daily moods. In short, card making expands your overall wellbeing and health.

Relaxation & Productivity

When making creative cards, you can relax, be more productive, and "busy" yourself doing things you enjoy. Even retired individuals benefit from making cards and creative crafts — feelings of joy increase in accomplishing something.

Using your hands and creative mind enhance your mood. The work of making cards uses various types of papers and other art materials you have on hand. Card making can become a source of income for some individuals.

Card Making Relieves Stress

Any art activity provides a relaxing form of hobby. Card making naturally reduces stress levels. Moreover, the art gives feelings of calmness to the soul. Creative crafting takes your mind off from what is "bothering" you. As a result, you create to express yourself more positively. Art creation with cards can include drawing or using a variety of embellishments.

Card Making Reduces Depression

In our current culture, instant gratification makes us feel happy and satisfied. The rise of this "convenience culture" leads us to be more impatient in our lives. Typically, we do not like to wait for anything. In this cultural "reward system," our minds desire to do less work while still attaining personal goals.

Frequent failures in life create chemical imbalances in our brains. This often leads to depression cycles. Card making teaches us to focus on what we do. So, through the experience, we increase in the area of patience. This takes place while we use the creative expression – through creative processes. Then, a sense of accomplishment takes place.

Our overall sense of joy and peace increases through creative card making. Also, we give to others (the card recipient) in the process.

Overcoming Severe Chronic Health Conditions

Card making and other expressive arts help to overcome a variety of severe chronic health conditions. Several studies reveal the creativity and music effect conditions of patients. This can positively help patients improve their overall health status.

Making cards and other imaginative crafts allow patients to concentrate on a new focus. Also, card making gives them an increased sense of purpose. Art hobbies help individuals express who they are.

Patients also learn to cope with what they feel in the process. As a result, hope and peace increases in their lives.

Creative expression through art hobbies can help:

· Dementia patients

· Fibromyalgia patients

· Individuals with memory loss

· Decrease anxiety

· Increase positive thoughts

· Individuals with HIV

· Overcome insomnia

· Lower depression

· Women with breast cancer

· Those in elderly care

· Decrease agitation

· Helps lower aggressive tendencies

· Improve cognition

· Enhances creativity

· Increases pleasure response

Improving Mindfulness

Card making allows the individual to learn to practice "meditation." Mindfulness meditation methods are rising forms of relaxation in these modern times. It helps us clear our mind and concentrate on the moment at hand. It allows us to step back from the daily pressures that we meet.

Moreover, all forms of art, such as card making, are a great way to practice mindfulness regularly. This method gives us the chance to be calm more often. We gain the ability to unwind while still being aware of what is going on around us.

Promotes Self Esteem

Card making promotes self-esteem and provides a sense of fulfillment. Low self-esteem can come from mental health conditions or ongoing challenges in life. Common factors include stress, depression, and anxiety.

Creating a finished card or craft product boosts a sense of fulfillment. Creating craft projects allows for ongoing creativity. In a sense, it offers a reward system for the brain.

Increases Community

Crafting in hobby groups increases community. Positive social benefits add to the overall health reimbursements. Interaction with others provides a sense of belonging. As a result, self-esteem and morale are boosted. Moreover, there is joy in being with others.

Inner Expression

Being creative allows for inner expression. Card making offers a method of innovative therapy. The art form lowers depression, relieves stress, and expands mindfulness.

Also, the hobby is great for those who have chronic conditions. The activity promotes self-esteem, increases community, and allows for the release of inner expression.

Make Changes Today, Protect Tomorrow

Changes made today protect your tomorrow. Adding a creative craft-making hobby, such as card creation, can improve your life today. Moreover, it advances your life in the days ahead of you.

So, why not take up a creative art hobby ongoing to help heal emotional instability, increase self-reflection, and reduce stress in your life? There are many benefits to gain in the process: including relaxation, increased productivity, and the ability to overcome health challenges more readily. Creating cards and other artistic avenues will bring increased peace and hope to the soul. Mindful meditation becomes a way of life, reducing stress levels and increasing self-esteem.

Take Time for Self-Expression

Take time to yourself to do something you enjoy! Moreover, consider creating a family craft session or getting together with another group of like-minded souls.

Everyone will reap the benefits psychologically (mind) as well as physiologically (body). Arts and health have been at the epicenter of human attention since the beginning of documented history!

Do you enjoy card making or crafting? How do you find it beneficial to your health?

We would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions! Please leave us a comment below!

Barbi Green


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  • Ashley Aker 4 years, 6 months ago

    okay even though I love reading your submissions, I was admittedly skeptical about this title. That being said, I think you proved your point. I loved that you embedded a link. Mostly because I had to go back in most of my first submissions because the links weren't showing up. I think that really pulls your work together and just looks cleaner without a huge web address clogging up the natural flow. I also love that you focus on the ways that art, crafting and specifically card making benefit the mind and the body. I have never made cards before but I have received hand-made cards. They are special. I relate to the impatience of society today. I pride myself on patience but I know that I fall prey to wanting things to go faster, smoother and with little to no obstacle in my way. There sometimes is little joy in the process but as with cooking, I have found peace in chopping vegetables or nursing a stock as it simmers and condenses. I know the same can be said for painting and drawing. I used to color a lot and as I've gotten older drawing has become easier for my brain to break apart. I see shapes and how they become figures of more complex shapes. I would love to have seen images or photos of cards you have made. A link to a social media group you follow or something to motivate the audience to go one step further. Where do you find supplies? Is there a tutorial in the future? I think a common obstacle in crafting is the wall we hit similar to writer's block. Crafters have quilts unfinished, or paintings they're stuck in. How do you dig yourself out when the creativity isn't flowing? Also what brands do you prefer? I am following so many journaling accounts on Instagram that provide accounts for washi tape, or pens, and paper. I always buy sharpie pens, but I'm feeling like that's just the most common one around. I am always interested in what others are using. Thanks for posting Barbi, I know I wrote a ton. I look forward to reading more in the future.

    • Barbi Green 4 years, 6 months ago

      Hello Ashley- my apologies that you were skeptical about the title. Hopefully, not all readers will feel the same. Since I am new here, I am not sure how many "links" are allowed in posting so I have limited the added links. I added this link due to the nature of the resource - medical study with evidence of how crafting/artistic avenues can provide health benefits to the user. I will re-read your comments several times over the days ahead and provide more info on some of the questions you have provided here - via more added content here on WriteSpike. The nice thing about the comments left - is it provides me with feedback about what the readers, like yourself, are desiring - the areas they would like to know more, and such! So, thank you for leaving this info! It is greatly appreciated! And, I will provide a follow up to your questions very soon! Have an awesome day!

    • Ashley Aker 4 years, 6 months ago

      No please I didn't mean an apology was necessary, I just meant for me, card-making is a "hard sell" to make. I don't picture myself making cards but you make a great case to start. I didn't think I was going to be able to relate and I was wrong. I don't know if there is a limit? I have in some cases close to 20 links in some of my submissions. I say go for it, the worst that can happen is they don't show up. In that case, you can leave them raw at the bottom. The important point is to make sure the information is being credited. My only intention is to build this community up. Everyone here is making an attempt with their craft. I aim to highlight the piece's strengths as well as where to take the work further. I am happy to hear that you enjoy the feedback because everyone is different. I think feedback is important and essential to growth.

    • Barbi Green 4 years, 6 months ago

      I definitely agree with you! Feedback is essential to growing your audience and it adds to "conversation" between readers/writers. Thank you again for leaving me insights as it provides further motivation and encouragement! Have an awesome day!