Submitted Date 09/02/2020

I have recently learned that surrounding myself with all kinds of art, whether visual, musical or written, has really sparked my inspiration and my curiosity. There is nothing better than discovering a new song or a new poet and diving deep into their life and their artwork. Because of this, I wanted to share 5 artists all of whom create different forms of art so that you can be inspired today.

1. Lalah Delia – Lalah is an author, spiritual writer and an educator. Her book, "Vibrate Higher Daily," discusses topics including self-growth and awareness and all things energy. She also posts short quotes and anecdotes on her Instagram page that will give your feed nothing but good vibes. (IG: @Lalahdelia)

2. Lizzy McAlpine – Lizzy is an incredibly talented singer and songwriter that studied in renowned Berklee College of Music. She recently released her Album "Give Me A Minute," which will make you long for home and pancakes for dinner. (IG: @lizzymcalpine)

3. Steven Bartlett – Steven Bartlett is a different kind of artist, in my opinion. He is an entrepreneur and a public speaker and his wisdom on all things life and empowerment is beyond his years. He is what I like to call an artist with words. The way he puts life advice into actionable remarks is simply inspiring. Check him out on Instagram for daily inspiration! (IG: @steven)

4. Kayla Nielsen – This is another unconventional artist! Kayla is a master at yoga, and although some people only think of yoga as an exercise or a mental practice, I am a true believer that it is also an art. The way Kayla moves seamlessly between different poses only proves that yoga is an incredibly graceful and poised art. Kayla makes it look as if she is dancing to the rhythm of her own breath. Go check her out on Instagram. (IG: @kaylalanielsen)

5. Saint Hoax – Saint Hoax is a Syrian artist that uses her visual editing and creativity as a form of criticizing politics, all things pop culture and as a way to use her satirical voice for issues concerning the current state of the world. Some of her posts will have you laughing, others will enrage you and all of them will make you reflect on the way the world has been shaped over the years. Check her out on her Instagram. (IG: @sainthoax)

I hope you find some sort of inspiration from these 5 incredible artists. Let me know if you already knew about some of them, or if they were new to you!


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