Submitted Date 10/03/2018

"Strange fits of passion I have known,"

And all the world spun by. 

Could I have known my folly then, I'd groan

Four thousand times.

A journey through a dream, my eyes were lit

As if by heaven's stars.

They were my own devising, my try at wit

To tempt the wrath of Mars,

And I've come through, and through and through, and think

I see a blinding light,

Divine truth. I'm checked again. My brink

Of wisdom: child's plight,

A tossing of the mind in clashing seas.

I thought I'd made it through.

When will I wake from my own dreams?

My lights will darken blue,

And light invisible will guide my eyes.

My flesh is always here,

So I shall always live in partial lies,

Until, in sleep, I hear

In total light. Until that time, I'll try

To learn humility, 

And seek the light I cannot see, so I

May gain the victory.


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  • Miranda Fotia 4 years, 5 months ago

    Great message in this poem! Thanks for sharing!

  • No name 4 years, 4 months ago

    Learning and growing! Pretty poem.