Submitted Date 07/19/2023

Overlooked like the shortest kid in class

You're just not that important

You're a fly on the wall

Get swatted

You're a criminal to those who see themselves as beautiful and superior

Get SWAT'd

Don't try to push barriers, break boundaries

Dont try to break that

glass ceiling

It's meant for your reflection

Meant to keep you in check

Somebody has to keep you in check

Prisons ain't full enough, schools are overcrowded

Somebody has to cash that check


Because your ego certainly ain't doing it

And I meant that in two ways

Reading your Bible ain't gonna help with matters

And that goes both ways

You're just not that important


That person who you is think about you isn't

They're thinking about someone else that isn't thinking about them for one goddamn minute

God warns against that type of stuff, it's quite deadly from what I've heard

But when your shoulders are hunched, act and red

When the winds crawls through the tunnels in your ears awkwardly

We tend to listen to otherwise

Choose the path of least resistance

But forget that tangent, back to the topic at hand

You're just not that important

Put a Post-It on your forehead to remind yourself

Set the alarm if you really need to

You're not just that important

[yells] OVERRATED!

If your friends and family members forgot to tell you
Self awareness is key
It's actually attractive
You're just not putting yourself out there
Manifesting what's rightfully yours
Putting yourself in the right places
You have to believe
You're just not that important
Manifesting is key
Failure to launch is all on you
Look at the Manhattan Project, Cuban Missile Crisis for examples
History is full of great references
Because the winners get to write the history books dummy
So the losers throughout know how you feel and can relate
They're also not that important
So don't bother trying to convince those who don't want to change
A dollar for a dream
Spend your energy on those who like you for you, who know that money not spent is money wasted, especially spent on the shit that actually matters

Holidays for all anyone cares can be left abandoned

Left null and void


Beyond that
Everything else
It's just not that important
Got it?






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  • Julie Nunn 2 months, 1 week ago

    Nice one!! Loved it...