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As fall slowly creeps into the city, and the chilly air whispers through the trees, Halloween season settles in. To get into the spirit, here's a round-up of collectibles, games, decorations, and clothing to cherish as a fan of horror, or the simple silliness of Halloween.

Sleepy Hollow is a classic murder mystery tale from the haunted personality of Tim Burton. This decorative has a gothic charm. The "Dead and Breakfast" sign can be custom made to ensure the size is perfect. Each sign comes ready to hang exactly where you want it.



Velvet Buzzsaw is a movie from Netflix starring Jake Gyllenhaal. A story about art. Artists are known to be haunted by their creations, resulting in art that inspires. What happens when the art is haunted? This is a movie poster from the movie release. The gallery-style images playing on an art display in a museum. The colors light up the poster and it's otherwise dark themes.




Fans of horror or Halloween are familiar with Alien. This is a children's book exploring the perspective of Jonesy, the pet cat companion aboard the Nostromo. A cute story to make you smirk.



Halloween tees are fun to wear all year, but especially during October. This one is subtle enough that "Craft" fans will recognize but everyone can appreciate. A definite must-have is available on Etsy. Customized to suit your taste, and embrace your inner "witch".


These decorative pins are stylish ways to embellish a bag, jacket, or anything else you want to stick a pin in. They are designed to look like a VHS tape, with cover art from the original cases.



The best horror movies make you laugh. Shaun Of The Dead is a parody of Dawn Of The Dead. The movie combines the sheer terror of a zombie apocalypse and finding ways to laugh about it. This fridge magnet reminds fans of the plan when zombies strike.



Another Horror comedy film that is spooky and hilarious. What We Do In The Shadows is from the creator Taika Waititi. The movie follows three vampires as they navigate the 21st century. These antique style vintage prints are perfect to frame and to create a gothic Halloween environment.






Kids love Halloween too! This is an excellent option for children who love Halloween. Charlie Brown and Snoopy are back in this classic story. Revisit a classic and introduce the lovable characters to a new generation.



A newer film that is horrific, disturbing, and truly unsettling to watch but necessary for scary movie fans is Hereditary. This print showcases each main character expertly. The print is high quality and would make a great piece of art to display in a living room or anywhere you entertain this Halloween.



Movie posters are a great way to decorate sparse walls and create atmosphere in your home. The prints don't take up space and are usually quite affordable. Once preserved in a frame they'll last for years. This specific print is from the movie The Dead Don't Die.



Halloween isn't just for trick or treating. Once the candy baskets are full, pull out a classic game of "Clue" This version is themed after Stephen King's "It". A creepy murder mystery game to play with all the lights on.



This cult classic is everywhere this time of year. It's impossible to miss, and therefore must be present on this list. The Sanderson sisters are wicked. This tee shirt encapsulates the sisters, Thackery Binx, and Billy Butcherson advertised as "Back from the Dead". You need this shirt— I know I do.



Check out this print from the movie Babadook. The terrifying character from a mysterious children's story comes to life. This print is a rare find, if you don't snatch it now it will be gone for good.



Fans of Audrey the flesh-eating plant from Little Shop Of Horrors are going to scream for this custom hand-made item. The carnivorous plant is hand-sculpted, meticulously detailed, and unique. A perfect pet to keep outside the front door.



We have covered the walls in the living room, and the front porch, but the yard should not be neglected. inflatables are fun to use to sprawl out in the grass or gravel near the driveway. The ghost from the movie Ghostbusters is perfectly spooky without being too scary. A nice decoration item for a G-rated Halloween.



G-rated Halloweens can be fun for everyone. This illustration is unique because it melds two series into one print. The shows Supernatural and Casper The Friendly Ghost meet face to face in this charming piece. A surprising twist for the two brothers who are much more familiar with not-so-friendly ghosts.



If you like zombies, you are probably a Dawn Of The Dead fan. Etsy has great gift ideas for everyone even horror fanatics. This is a cute little magnet modeled after those ancient VHS tapes no one uses anymore. Relive a simpler time and admire a relic of the past.



The original film Tremors was scary, intriguing and fun. The movie has since spawned more than a few sequels. The characters are easy to love, and the story never dulls. This is a fun decorative item to have around. Graboid Musk is an empty glass storage jar It is up to you what you store inside.




A rare find of the 1980s classic horror film; Evil Dead. This poster is professionally reproduced and difficult to find. A must-have for movie buffs and fans everywhere.



Have you ever wondered if the "Bad Guys" get together and share in genuine innocent shenanigans when they aren't hunting down victims or haunting dreams? Well, they do! This tee shirt plays off the iconic "Friends" television show and replaced the characters with Horror's most iconic characters.



Pop Funko toys are popular among children and adults. There are so many characters to collect including Ghostface from the movie Scream. Ghostface isn't nearly as terrifying when he is only a few inches tall. He is posed with his bloody knife in hand. This character is quite the find and a fantastic display item.



Another movie poster to decorate an empty space. This poster is reproduced on glossy paper, ensuring that it feels like the real deal when it's hanging. The Etsy shop will work with you to ensure the look of your poster is perfect. Complete that creepy scene with one more movie poster.



It gets cold on Halloween night. Don't bundle up in a plain old sweater. Grab this Disney Halloween favorite. Halloweentown is full of ghosts, goblins, witches, and werewolves. A crazy little town in another universe. If you remember Marnie and her trip to Halloweentown reminisce a little more in this fleece sweater. A hug from Halloweentown.



This mug pays homage to all the greats. Grab your morning coffee or tea in this horrific cup. Find this product on Etsy but you'll have to act fast. This is the only one left and it's under $15.00.



Halloween is all about fun, and fear. This game has both. The fun shouldn't end just because the treats are gone. This is a unique game that isn't a reproduction of "Monopoly" or "Clue". The Thing is a movie and also a tabletop board game Relive the terror of the movie with family and friends. Choose your character and try to survive the night.



Another interesting collector's piece to display somewhere special. The car from Ghostbusters can be yours. Beautifully recreated with all the specific details to match the actual car. Movie fans of all ages will admire this model.



This twisted tee shirt designed for the movie From Dusk Til Dawn is fun to wear. A reference tee that really quizzes your friends' knowledge of movies.



With only one of these available, this piece of art is hard to pass up. Cabin In The Woods is a rare take on the horror movie genre. This shop on Etsy has created a model cabin from the movie and placed it in thick tangled roots. A unique decorative item that can go out in the yard, or placed in a dark corner.







Ashley Aker


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  • Rick Doble 4 years, 1 month ago

    Why do we like to be scared -- as entertainment? I still don't quite understand.

    • Ashley Aker 4 years, 1 month ago

      It's thrilling. I think it heightens all our senses, and that's exciting. I certainly don't like to experience true fear, but a scary movie can be fun because it doesn't have real repercussions. The story ends, and the fear subsides.

    • Rick Doble 4 years, 1 month ago

      Your answer is well put -- fear of death makes us realize we are alive...perhaps...