Submitted Date 10/10/2018

The current is strong, pulling me away,

The voice in my head is screaming for me to stay.

My thoughts are askew, which way should I go,

One path leads me to you, the other leads someplace I don’t know.

The wave of the tide is washing through me,

If I stay by your side will you ever truly see?

Pulling me down, the whirlpool spins,

Reliving the past and drowning me in the sorrow of my sins.

Lend me your hand, pull me from this dismal abyss,

Give me your warmth, let me steal one last kiss.

The waves are rising, bringing sorrow that grows,

I see you coming and the tidal wave slows.

Will you save me, will you help me to swim,

Why are you turning away, the horizon is grim?

Riding this tide has taken all that remained,

Of a delicate heart that has been damaged and pained.

One last breath, hoping you will stay,

I am drowning now, as you are walking away.

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