Submitted Date 09/29/2022

Ever heard of the saying "don't judge a book by it's cover" well I take that for granted. People can be demanding. Walls are built and there is no love at all. They rather see you fall. We will never give up trying to break through a wall. In a world where all you try is to break the walls that hold the life that has been. Remember how vast the oceans' boundaries are. They will build you up and you can't trust them all. But you know what? It's okay if they judge you. Make room for their judgements too. When they ignore, invalidate judge or ridicule you Stop. Breathe. At some point in life rather than awaiting approval, validation acceptance from others you learn to uplift your spirit nourish your soul and become your own best friend. Be the person who breaks the cycle. If you were judged choose understanding. If you were rejected, choose acceptance.

Life is hard like a game of chess. We are all tested to be the best. Though in the process some people settle for less. Sometimes this process is messy. Sometimes it is not clear where you are or where you are headed. And that's perfectly okay. We have to say this is your life or your life that you want to be worthless. And we all can participate in the game but this is just full of pain. Everyone deals with unimaginable pain in their own way, and everyone is entitled to that, without judgment. You don't want to be victim in a world full of lies. To the ones who can not cope we are more than just a number in the game. Then you start to lose sight of your goals. It won't be long before we become what we despise. It is time to be wise. To ourselves, we can't be set in our ways. I don't want to be the one to realize there is no looking back. There is no return to lose. Just walk away and do what it takes.

It's when you allow someone else's perception to influence how you see yourself. When you hear criticism of the voice of people who don't appreciate you, you feel like a failure. They will call you names. An idiot. Afraid. Deluded. Mad. So, taste rejection. Taste disapproval. It's okay they are disappointed in you. Give them space to be disappointed. Taste the absence of any taste but hold yourself close and breath. Allow yourself to live anyway. The heart is where your intuition resides. Some people live in a dualistic world of good or bad, fair or unfair, right or wrong. Whilst somewhere in the water is calm, in another place in that very same ocean is a colossal storm. The tide is turning and I am here to stay.

Failure is like the root of evil when you hear that word. Live make mistakes and fuck everything up. Taste failure. Don't be a quitter before you even start. You start to think I am not good ENOUGH. Even though you spend your life in vain trying to make it to the top. "If at first you don't succeed, pick yourself up and try again". People are successful in their own time. Your success will attract haters. Taste success. This is the price you pay you must play its game. You see the truth at the bottom of the bottle and realize you don't do what you deserve. See how in the end they taste the same. Your truth will bring out the worst in others. Like the others afraid of the road, you must dwell. Often just when you think you are under the influence of hell. However, your courage will attract cowards. "Take the road less traveled by"-Robert Frost.

Any controlled reality you are too unhappy to be cleansed. This is what we live to see a world filled with sin. There's a little bit of emptiness inside and there is no one to blame. Yet you have a chance to explain. Your delusion is the only one to set you free. View yourself as the hero of your own life. Master of destiny and creator of your reality. Some people survive to create. One idea can change the future. Half an idea will get you no results. The half a mere moment of inability. And not to give anyone else permission to shape how you view yourself and your potential. Through taking full responsibility for yourself, your life and your actions.

You can be easily discouraged but you'll never feel ashamed. Don't just stand there looking at the other side and you can't be alone in this world. So, come out of your shell because we are the ones who are not. Stand a firm ground and know where your roots came from.

There's no use in trying to pretend we really are all the same. Even though you cannot see the difference between us. Get out of your head and prove we are the ones that stand the truth. You can't accept the fact that you are trying to be someone else. Do not believe half-truths. They are crimson people hiding behind their mask of shades. If accept, then express it bluntly. Do not mask it. If you refuse, then be clear about it for an ambiguous refusal is but a weak acceptance. Don't be fooled by a smoke mirror. Looking like a calm ocean on a sunny day. We are all just 'regular' people behind these screens of hope, humor, and a smidge of inspiration. Have the time to realize yourself from the fakes. Don't create a story of a perfect life. And it's a matter of time before you know we have nothing to lose. Don't just be another face in the crowd. Stand out and be different and show your uniqueness. Your uniqueness will antagonize fear. Yes, will meet many gatekeepers on the journey. Walk your path anyway. And allow others to walk theirs. The path of least resistance is narrow. Half the way will get you nowhere. Once you feel better about yourself and understand that power you realize the ability to re-write your story and destiny has existed all along.

Then you wonder what will be the results of deception on paper. You want to be so much more than what people expect you to be. Be a conqueror. Fight those insecurities and battle. At some point in your life rather than remaining trap in a perpetual state of fear, self-doubt, and insecurity you learn to face the world boldly and confidently with your head held high. You don't need to justify your path or defend it. Stay close to yourself in these challenging times. There's no room for mistakes in this life. Slowly but surely, you learn to approach life from love not to allow mistakes, fears, and insecurities and limitations of others to color and shape your vision. Of what is possible for your own life. Or prevent you from seeing the beauty that exists in this world. We must defend ourselves to the face of our impulse. Don't listen to our enemies are friends that controls our minds to kill us with their false defenses and use our vibes. Don't entertain half friends. Deal with hate and make them pay for their enemies. Fight against all odds because we are all pawns being controlled by someone else. You must fight for survival. Weare the bullet of light when we climb the stair of chaos an enemies. Let them feel the pressure to try to define you when you act out of your comfort zone to prove them wrong, your empowerment will create enemies. You can't be influenced by the world to play a game by someone else. Things will end up in a state of bad taste. Don't surrender to a man, it's all a waste. In the bible cutting deep into the hearts of men who infested yourself with their lies. No, our eyes will make you a man and make you better stay in our eyes. But we cannot find the light in our eyes and the world will show you your way. A man's size does not define him. In this respect, you must accept the win. Be the one to make a change. We are all pawns in the game of life you must run for your own life. We are used and pushed towards our weakness. Lungs are beat the rhythm of the pulse. Though one must realize some people are fake and believe in yourself. Make your own choice because we are the ones who are at fault. The fault is in our stars. We are the stars that inspire in you which you will find the hopelessness of human rights. You say you want the world to smile but it's only but a bulge. And so, we become a reflection of human things. May she strive for big things in a world that screams thin where we are all misled and mixed. She will rise to the occasion to find peace in our soul. We will spread our wings. Don't put faith in the one who just wants change. That is the reason why this is our beginning which has been destroyed in our own way. But remind yourself you are whole that exists to live a life not a half life.

Tracie Sperling


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