Submitted Date 04/26/2022

I lit myself afire today
to burn off all the dross
around my pyre I danced and played
and never felt the loss

The first flare of orange flower
was false pride taking flame
this thing that choked off my power
and caused me to lay blame

When next I saw my rage burn red
set fire to all around
I laughed until my anger fled
I laid that burden down

Veangefulness turned the flames to blue
as cold as winter's bite
but its grey smoke heavenward flew
like incense in the night

Next fearfulness burned yellow-bright
as it raced through my veins
true closeness won't put me to flight
or hold me with its chains

Purple raged my burning conceit
giving off acrid smells
I looked upon my inner self
and laughed like ringing bells

Green flames erupted from my eyes
a shocking sight to see
burning like bottle rockets launched
destroying crass envy

tall columns of blackest burning
I saw with my third eye
It was my cruelty exiting
a rattlesnake's long sigh

At long last the flames took their rest
departing for Hades
I realized what's left is best
and slipped ME on with ease.

Brady S BowenI like pretty words.


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