Submitted Date 10/02/2022

The cabin in the woods had been abandoned for years, but one night, a candle burned in the window. No one had dared to visit because it was haunted by a ghost of a woman who was killed by her husband. This man was very controlling who had anger issues and easily became jealous. He was known for domestic abuse after it was found out his wife was cheating on him by having a scandalous affair with a business partner who was in landscaping. The place was old and rusty with spiderwebs hanging from the ceiling, creaky wooden floors, etc. Hidden deep in the woods literally in the middle of nowhere with no WiFi. So, even if you were in danger or wanted to call for help you had no luck. The saying is true that "there is nothing like a woman's scorn" and this lady took vengeance out on her husband who took advantage of other helpless victims. She could not Rest In Peace until there was justice. Also, there was a kidnapping of high school students who dared enter the forbidden premises. Each was attacked in a different way with pain and torture. There was a lot of blood shed. For example, one drowned in a near by lake. They disappeared without a trace never to return home. The place was eerie and reaked in rotten death.

A group of high school students who were doing a project for filming decided to use this secluded cabin for an upcoming movie. Little did they know this was there last summer trip. The movie was called 'Paulsey' centered around an evil character, a psychopath who broke out of a mental health hospital. He was diagnosed with PTSD, depression, anxiety and had border line personality. A toxic combination. Paulsey had bad family history. He was abandoned at age 10. His only teacher the T.V. The bastard grew up to be resentful after being left alone in a secluded cabin for 25 years. He preyed on innocent kids. Sucked youth right out of them. Paulsey was a perverted predator. Not some imaginary friend. He was obsessed with fire. In the end, he went on a rampage with killing after killing. With the secluded cabin being cursed, many unexplained accidents would happen on set or an actor would die of a heart attack.

The story begins with a casting director meeting with his crew for pre-production. We have a group of high school students gathered around a campfire roasting marshmallows while telling innocent ghost stories such as 'The Boogeyman' 'Barefoot' etc. Music plays in the background to set this fun atmosphere. Hooting owls are in the distance. Some of the members are smoking weed to relax and chill. One individual who is a horror fan comes up with a brilliant idea "Let's find a source of dark energy for inspiration". "We need real fire to fuel our passion". 'Sometimes it takes desperate measures in order to create art'. "How about we start a ritual to draw up power as a source'? A couple of the other crazy fanatics went along with this. Of course, this was on a night of a full moon. "They felt the silent moon and just listened." " In a world, that was unwilling, they just willed"(Heather Lea). The temperature started to drop to the point where one person saw their breath. Thick, misty fog started to develop in the woods. The cold, the breeze were up to peoples' nerves-Sir Clinton. Out of the blue the song on the radio suddenly changed to "Somebody is watching me" by Michael Jackson. Nothing like setting the tone. One person made a comment "Well, that was strange". "I wasn't expecting that". Allison added "Yeah, creepy I hope there is no pervert out there." Kathryn responded

Next, the group of people formed an evil cult with the purpose of higher power and to experiment with the divine under the leader Travis who was the casting director. A pentagon symbol to represent the devil was drawn in the middle of the circle lit by insense. Sacrifices must be made to worship the god. Some people got scared. Tracie shouted "Wait, what if we really conjure up something!" I know others don't believe in this but, according to the teachings of the bible hell does exist". "By performing this ritual, we are opening up the door to an outside portal". "It's something we should not mess with because if you start to believe in this stuff..the darkness starts to consume you as a target." Kathryn speaks up to defend her, "Yes, I agree I think this is dangerous". Matt was like "Fuck that, no one should worry this is all fun and games". "Let's be daring and go WILD". "If anything, it would be cool to be a witness" he says while laughing then adds "I SWEAR no one will get hurt". Travis was like "We need real footage on film if possible". Kathryn could not believe what was going on and exclaimed "All of you must be high!".

Their hostage was 'the chosen one' with pure blood. Stripped half naked while gagged with hands tied behind her back. All of a sudden the music cuts with static. The group begins chanting in devil's tongue. To others it sounded like gibberish. Some people seemed to be hypnotized in a trance like they were under a spell. Kathryn commented in hesitation "Ok, this is creepy." Distinct murmurs were heard in and out. Then there was the sound of a woman screaming. For a short moment, that snapped some people back to reality where they were wondering 'what's going on?'. Matt was like 'The FUCK was that!". Someone said "Probably Cindy just being dramatic". Until strange things started to happen for example, a small rock threw up from the pit and cracked part of Kathryn's glasses. The bottom of Matt's beard got caught on fire! Tracie was like "Whoa, SHIT" and she quickly got a blanket to put it out. Tracie continued "I tried to warn you guys and I am afraid that this is a bad sign…we may have unleashed something".

Later on that night after drinking, Travis began to get very itchy, and irritated. It almost seemed like he was starting to grow more hair. His fiancé made a comment like "Didn't you shave?" "You are starting to look scruffy again like a dog". It was at this point that he started to transform. Travis said "Something is wrong I don't feel right". His muscles started to tense up and began to appear larger. The fiancé then added a comment "Someone has built up some testosterone from working out..babe you look sexy". Travis snarled at her showing his teeth being aggressive while drool ran down his mouth. His eyes wide with enlarged pupils glowing red. On short notice, he was like "I gotta GO now before I put you all in danger." "Trust me it's for your own good." and he ran off into the woods. Running in desperate search of something or for his mate…while trying to hide from the rest of the crowd. Cindy said to Allison "Don't worry, he's not running from you." "He's running from himself." "Let him go, it's not your responsibility to save him." Running from his thoughts from home-Sir Clinton. One of the members made a comment "Well, that was WEIRD." Kathryn replied "Maybe he just needed to take a leak" laughing. Tracie said "I hope he comes back."

Travis becomes hairer and hairier as he tries to hide from the others. Finding a low key spot. He is red in the face from his blood vessels starting to pop. Crying in excruciating pain. His back cracks until Travis is completely transformed into a wolf. A man who became a beast. He then howls at the moon. A wolf hungry for his prey. However, this was not a normal wolf since some malevolent energy had been released. It was larger in size with bigger muscles and possessed more demonic qualities. I am afraid to tell you this was actually a skinwalker that could disguise itself in any form.

Back at the campfire Matt said "Did you hear that?". Cindy said "Yes, it sounded like a cry of a wolf". Matt continues "There is definitely some wildlife out here". Tracie becoming worried "I think we should wrap everything up and go inside". "Personally, I am not taking a chance". Kathryn agreed "Better safe, then sorry".

Just as they were packing up their belongings. One of the members Kathryn lagged behind from being tired. Distant in the background she thought she heard someone call her name "Kathryn". Kathryn turned around with her flashlight to see where it was coming from but, couldn't find anything. This time she heard the voice more clearly "Kathryn". It sounded like Brian. Maybe he was checking up on her or she forgot something. Though it was off and sounded a bit distorted as though it was coming from a radio. Then she heard it a third time "Kathryn" as though it was right in front of her. This time her doubt thinking it was Brian erased her mind. She froze in fear and could barely breath as the dark figure approached her. Afraid to step any closer knowing it's intentions would not benefit her. Then Tracie grabbed Kathryn and said "There you are!" "I was looking for you." " I turned around and you were not there."

There is distinct growling and the wolf then lunges out of the woods. Allison who is Travis fiancé exclaimed "Oh, SHIT". Everyone starts running fast towards the door screaming. Unfortunately, one of the members in the group got scratched. Another got dragged and attacked. They locked the cabin right away and immediately starting to move furniture to use as barriers to hold the door as the beast was trying to get in. Pounding against the building, aggressively scratching at the entrance etc. The people were freaking out Tracie acted quick in a state of emergency "We should call animal control." "The team should be able to tranquilize this wild creature." They tried the phone line but, was unable to get through.

Then suddenly there was silence. Cindy said "Maybe, it finally gave up". Kathryn said "Meanwhile, let's try to find a first aid kit." Cindy agreed "Yeah, that wound does look pretty nasty and we don't want it to get affected" said Allison. "Poor Alan, are you ok?" The area was clean and was wrapped up with bandage. Tracie "Hopefully, that should take care of it." Cindy warned the others "Maybe we should put Alan in separate room locked up just in case." "What if he develops an untouchable disease?" She was thinking of the possibility of him contaminating the others.

While trying to settle in, a bad storm started brewing outside. Wind was picking up speed. There was loud thunder. It began to pour. People started to turn in. Tracie said, "I hope we don't lose power." Cindy responded begging " Please don't jinx that." She then added; "It has been a crazy night, let's try to get some rest." Matt who is co-producer said, "Yes, we have filming tomorrow for the introduction". Tracie asked "Where is the director?" Allison replied "Knowing how Travis is…he'll be back in he morning."

Unfortunately, some people had trouble sleeping. Kathryn was unable to get any rest with the terrible storm outside. She was startled in bed with a loud crash. It scared Kathryn as it was a big impact causing the whole place to shake in vibration. She wondered what the FUCK was that as it sounded like it smashed against her window. Luckily, she wasn't hurt but it was a close call. It turned out a tree had fallen down. "She lay beside a broken tree. The face was injured by forest men hunting trees." "A little longer in the night the tree had grown eyes and a mouth." "The fallen tree had slept by Kathryn's side and told her there was power in her words through her mouth." -Sir Clinton. Kathryn was unscathed as it could have possibly crashed through the roof.

Tracie was woken up in the middle of the night as well. There was a disturbance and something had alerted her. She found a figure lurking under the door frame of the bathroom which was connected to her bedroom. "The inconvenience it brought as it entered the room was unsettling." It appeared to be watching her. Tracie had "casted her eyes to not look at theirs…aware of the power it must wield." -hjw. The outline of the person had a glow effect almost transparent. A figure governed by the unseen. At first, she thought it was her new friend Zack. However, she looked across the hallway and realized he was sleeping. Door shut with the sound of snoring. This presence whatever it was resembled his appearance(which could have been a form of trickery.) "Aware it was just a man."-hjw. It moved closer and closer to the edge of her bed. She froze out of fear and started to pull the covers up. Tracie knew it was not a dream because she was wide awake at the time. It seemed like this presence was trying to give her a personal message. Almost as if the universe was trying to send her some kind of sign. Tracie reached out to touch it out of curiosity and felt a surge of electricity surging through her body. It had mysterious energy. However, her hand went right through it. Eventually, the figure disappeared out of the bedroom window. It literally sent chills up her spine after having an uninvited visitor who invaded her privacy. Though Tracie was relieved it went away.

The next morning Cindy had woken up to take a shower and get ready for the day. She wanted to look her best on camera. Unfortunately, this was no daily routine. Cindy got an eerie feeling being in the bathroom like someone was watching her intently. Even though she's been naked before, Cindy felt the most vulnerable out in the open. It was an squeezy feeling in her stomach like something was unsettling and off. When she went to wash her self, it was as if she got pricked with a needle and felt a sharp pain. She did not understand how that happened but, suddenly blood was drawn and it started running down the drain. Cindy kept holding the area trying to apply pressure. Even though, it was a minor cut it did not seem to stop. She started to freak out thinking this can't be real. Maybe her mind was playing tricks on her or this was some sort of vision. She was shaky but, tried to be at ease. Thinking 'control your thoughts control your thoughts… just breath.' Stepping out of the tub to dry off the blood that she clearly saw on the sponge disappeared along with the trace on the bottom of the tub. It was like it never happened! Even the cut seemed to heal or fade. How was this possible? Maybe it was more like a warning from something beyond this world. Whatever it was she certainly did not want to MESS with it. Hopefully, this was a coincidence and NOT related to the ritual. Cindy knew she certainly was not tripping.

Home cooked breakfast was made for the group. The speciality was waffles. Some people were still hungover from last night. Luckily, coffee was the perfect cure. As the film crew started to prepare for today's agenda. They realized that Travis was still missing so, they went out in the woods to do a search party. He was found in a disheveled condition with bruises and other abrasions as though the man was in a fight or had gotten beaten up. Plus, he lost his clothes lying naked under his sleeping blanket. When the group asked him what happened? Travis was confused and disoriented. His fiancé Allison said "Don't ever scare me like that AGAIN!" "Next time, don't go off on your own." "I am just glad you are in one piece."

They took him back to the cabin to recover. As Allison made him tea and warmed him up Travis literally coughed up a hair ball. It seemed to be a weird side effect. Maybe whatever he ate last night did not agree with him. Obviously, he was still digesting whatever it was. Kathryn asked "Where did that come from?" Cindy observing everything from the outside said that strange things have been happening since they did that ritual. She tried to warn the group. Matt who is nonbeliever was like "Are you kidding!" "It was just a game." She snorted at him "You serious right now, think about all the different events so far"(being attacked by a wolf, the terrible storm,Travis going missing etc.) "One after another, and you are saying it is not related." Matt just replied "maybe it's just bad luck or a coincidence." Kathryn added "That or whatever it was we had last night was just too strong and we are all tripping." Cindy frustrated was like "You are all just too blind to see a connection." "This place is CURSED!"

The crew decided to move on to film the first scene. This was an introduction video. It had to set the tone. Casting members were listed for credit. Basically, it was showcasing the resort as the best summer vacation ever where your kids are safe. Then it shows a clip where children are playing on a playground having fun. However, one child is lured away separate from the group by a strange figure. He appeared friendly on the outside(almost as though he wore a mask). The man(Paulsey) invited the child over. However, there was cruel intentions in mind. So, the beginning was a success as you heard the director Travis say "Nice job everyone!" "That's a wrap up".

Later that afternoon, Allison decided to go swimming in the lake. It was hot as hell with temperatures as high as 90 degrees out. She wanted to cool off. Others were hanging out by the dock or were in the water with tubes floating. A couple jumped into the water by swinging off a tree. Travis (her fiancé) decided to be flirty with her by whispering dirty nothings in her ear. He said to her "Why don't we go somewhere more private because you look smoking hot right now." They started making out and Travis began feeling her up while in the water. Allison felt daring and decided to go topless. It was different because it was like he was more aggressive with her this time and really wanted her. Hungry with desperate lust.

As the day progressed though the lake started to turn murky and looked polluted. It was not as clear and fresh. At one point, as Allison was swimming she thought she got tangled up in something that felt knotty like a fish net. She got scared because it was almost as if Allison was being pulled down. She got free though.

Just as she made it back to shore Travis was there. Allison was a little confused. She asked "How did you get here so fast?" "We were just…um" He interrupted her "I was here the whole time cooking barbecue." "Really, you gonna play coy with me after what just happened." Travis responded "Babe, what are you talking about?" "I was here the whole time." Her jaw dropped in surprise "WHAT!" "I swear we were just making out." Travis was like "Oh, don't tell me you were fantasizing about me again" as he chuckles. She thought to herself well if it wasn't him then WHO was it that was touching her. The man looked exactly liked Travis and could have passed as his twin. Then she was worried he might find out so, maybe Allison was better off not saying anything.

Everyone enjoyed lunch of fresh hotdogs off the grill they sat at a picnic area. Condiments were offered too. Tracie had hers with onions and ketchup. While eating, there was something still on her mind. She asked Zack "Did you try to sneak into my room last night?" He was like "WHAT! where did this come from?" "No, I passed out." Tracie responded "I thought I saw you out of the corner of my eye but, it was just your ghost playing tricks on my mind(Kristin Kory). She was left confused and worried about the whole incident.

People gathered back at the cabin. The crew decided to relax and hang out laughing, playing board games, the whole shenanigans. Someone decided to bring out a Ouija board. Suddenly, for the first time they heard wind chimes outside. Cindy decided to check it out to see where it was coming from. When she went outside, she noticed a strange flash of light. It was not someone's flashlight nor a reflection off an object. A weird glowing effect that seemed to be quick lasting 72 seconds forming a pattern from an unknown source. Was it a radio signal from space…or a presence trying to be known. Cindy went back in to join the group. Locking the door behind her the door handle fell off. Hopefully, they were not trapped inside now. A little shaky she said "I don't think it's a good idea to use the ouija board." Tracie agreed, "I heard you should not mess with it because it brings unwanted visitors." "Once, you make a bad connection, it's hard to end it." Matt scuffed. "It's only a childish prank". "The rumors are not true."

They started to play for fun. Eating pizza on the floor. At first, nothing happened. Next thing you know the planchette started to move on it's own in a pattern making circles. Lights started to flicker, the air around them grew cold. A spirit began to communicate with them through the board. A name was spelled out and it claimed it was murdered. Almost as if the presence was asking for help. Kathryn not taking it seriously said "Matt STOP messing with this!" He replied "It wasn't me, I SWEAR."

As the group continued playing, the energy was heavier there was the sound of footsteps(leading from) upstairs down into the living room entrance and it never stopped. Cindy who was scared said "I believe we started a séance." Words were spelled on the ouija board "Get Out!" Obviously, they pissed off some spirit. Tracie said "Ok, that was definitely a warning…I think if it's best if we close the circle now."

That night Allison had trouble sleeping. She had a strange dream which turned dark. It was around dusk and it was a romantic evening with Travis. Having a picnic by the lake. She was being fed strawberries with chocolate. Later on, they decided to get frisky to go skinny-dipping. At first splashing each other which was innocent enough. Until Travis turned against her. "You love to tease me don't you?" Pulling her hair. "I notice how you are always showing off your body on Instagram etc for attention". "You seem DAMN desperate thirsty BITCH!" Travis slapped her in the face. "These are my goods no one else's." "Why aren't I ENOUGH for you?" He had Allison in a body hold and started pushing her down in the water. "Held down by the cords of the past."-Sirclinton. She tried to fight flailing her arms and legs. Gasping for air until she was woken up by a forceful hand coughing up water. "Not a dream." Allison mumbled. It felt like she was "drowned in the lake of sorrow." -Sirclinton.

With all this paranormal activity, a portal had definitely been opened up. What is the fate of the characters? Will they survive another night? Find out next sequel.

The End.

Tracie Sperling


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