86 YEARS & 266 BEERS

Submitted Date 09/13/2022

A woman once asked God to make her feel good

At once he responded and told her he would

The woman found herself holding a vibrating stick

She said, "Surely I didn't mean this, but I won't lie it's slick."


She asked God to give her happiness and joy

God responded by giving her another little toy

She played with it for a while before she was bored

But she found that there were better things she could afford


She prayed that God give her someone to love

A man came into her life, he swooped in like a dove

The woman was happy and said I want one more thing

The man got down on a knee holding a diamond ring


"That's not what I want," she said, "I don't need wealth."

She begged God to give her peace of mind and her health

She waited for the longest time, "God that is all that I ask."

86 years & 266 beers later she died with nothing but an empty flask


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  • Jacqueline Hemingway 1 year, 9 months ago

    Wow…Lilly, what a poignant essay on the desires and struggles of human nature! You knocked it out of the park…as usual!!