Submitted Date 07/09/2022

If you should walk into my dream
please don't you slam the door
feel welcomed in that airy place
and look at what's in store

I've risen from my sadness crypt
revenant in reverse
the veil of parting has been ripped
I hold the universe

Right in the palm of my deft hand
not a mystery lost
friends numerous as grains of sand
I'll reclaim all I've lost

I do not shamble through the trees
or cause the good to fear
I taste the future on the breeze
leaf-music I do hear

That rushing river underhill
provides water of life
to fields of growing daffodils
dispellers of my strife

It's still my dream it's mine you see
I'm the emperor here
I will not share the throne with you
but you may be my seer

If you fear possibilities
you'll find a better home
in the realm of fragility
where I won't hear your moans

I'll build a castle on that hill
a shining, towered place
it'll be known as a joy-mill
a last refuge of grace

So when you walk out of my dream
please don't you slam the door
leave some of the bliss that you bring
depart with even more


Brady S BowenI like pretty words.


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  • Lillian Shaw 1 year, 4 months ago

    Love this one! You write similar style to my cousin and he is very good!