Submitted Date 02/04/2020

Ok guys, I came to the weird/sad realization that I am in a stage of my life where I cannot have and properly care of a dog! I am not financially stable, and my career as a musician involves incredibly weird hours. So, it simply wouldn't be fair to a hypothetical furry friend. However, I am lucky that I LOVE plants and can afford to buy and take care of some. So, here are a few reasons as to why plants make great companions:

1. They are natural air purifiers which means that the oxygen that you will be taking in your home will be so much better and healthier for you!

2. They are aesthetically pleasing. From deep emerald snake plants to bright colored succulents, plants will appeal to all kinds of styles and preferences.

3. They don't require the same type of constant care as a furry friend would. So, if you are in a similar stage in your life as I am, they make great companions. Just make sure you understand the type of sunlight they require and the amount of water they need to be happy and grow!

4. They bring life to your home. I get incredibly affected by the heavy winter in Boston, but just having some life in my apartment fills my day to day with more happiness to look forward to.

If this seems like a good addition to your life, go to your local plant store and purchase your new companion!

Have a great Monday!


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