Submitted Date 12/12/2019

Jenny never lived the best life is, to say the least. She's always experienced the worst part. She always stays positive but positive was the only thing that kept her from going off the edge. Her insanity only ran out everything in her world. She felt like she was slowly losing it but just barely she was fighting, but to be honest, though, when was she not fighting? Jen as most people who were close called her. Jen through the book onto the floor. She felt some kind of emotion after her twin brother Jacob choice another side other than her before hearing her out. The girl he stood up for smirked. All these times, the only person other than positive that kept her afloat was her brother.

Jacob looked at his sister not even regretting what had just happened. His current girlfriend stood behind him, Lacy. Her hair was dripping wet. His anger was barely above the surface. However, he did not know how angry Jen felt. Although he felt angry he was also confused but there was no other side to take anymore.

"You're my twin brother. You didn't even ask what lead up to this or who did it before putting your anger on me. As far as we know as of now. I'm not apart of what you call family" Jen turned around from the people that stood in front of her, picking up everything she had lost because of Lacy.

Jacob felt his anger slowly lose control of himself. He just lost his sister but he couldn't ever put in into his head. He just assumed everything would go back to normal the next morning but he was wrong.

Jacob passed by his sister's room to hear nothing.

"Jen?" Jacob called out knocking on the door. He pushed the door open without a second thought to see his sister covered in blood. He pulled out his phone calling the police and quickly running toward his sister. He forgot just a small push could push his sister over the edge however he didn't care, yesterday. Yet now, there's a chance he won't have a sister anymore. Jacob went back over what his sister said. She was right. He never asked her side. He assumed the worst. Tears streamed down the face as he rode in the ambulance with his sister in the back. He looked back to see something to tell him this was just a dream. Nothing worked. He stood in reality. His twin sister tried to commit suicide because he wasn't brave enough to listen to what she had to say. Secretly the reason he didn't understand was that he knew Jen could have been right about lacy. He didn't want to admit it because his emotions ranged high in his chest. Jacob took a deep breath as he saw the hospital coming up closer. It wasn't a dream the back of his mind repeated as another kept saying he was dreaming. He didn't want to lose his sister but it was his fault that he could lose her.

The one person that stood up for him and looked out for him. Giving him a shoulder to cry on. A hand to hold and an ear to talk their ears off.

"Please be alright, Jen. Please, I'm sorry" He whispered under his breath. Jacob felt the tears fall, nothing he felt could get worse than the way he was feeling. His sister. His little sister. His twin sister. The only person that saw more in him than just some popular kid at school. Jen was one that believes in him. Not even their parents believed in him as much as Jen, yet all he did to make it up to her was to choose someone else over someone who believed in him. He knew even if he tried he wouldn't be able to make up everything he caused. Jacob hurried as the EMT carried his sister off into the emergency room. The doors pushed open with them carrying his sister. His little sister. His baby sister. He sat down, trying to calm the emotions that ran through his mind. He suddenly knew how Jen felt at the moment he choose the wrong person.

It's weird to think that one moment, One word you say can change someone's future. Jacob thought that over and over in his head as he thought about his sister laying in the emergency center. He's the one who sent her off the edge, that's what sat in the bottom of his mind. His sister, not only sister but his little and twin sister. He was supposed to be the one supporting her as she has for him. however, maybe she won't anymore, even if she wakes up.

Jen sat in the darkness of her mind. Voices taunted her. She wasn't dead but that's what made it worse. She couldn't feel anything but it wasn't like she wanted to feel anything either. She was hurt by the last time by people. She felt like she was abandoned by her brother who never even thought once about her rather than some girl who he had picked up.

Jacob would have hated it if she chose him over some guy, yet he did the same. He didn't even treat her as his twin since she came around. Before no one would pick on her because of her twin brother. He stuck up for her. He held her in a light that shined so bright, however, it slowly started to fade. He couldn't care less because he never understood what he was doing. However, now it's too late for him to take back now. Jen showed signs to her brother but he never realized it, maybe he realized it now by almost losing her but it was too late now.

Jacob sat in the waiting room tapping his foot on the ground anxiously. He wishes he could just go in there to apologize now but he can't. not yet at least, but he knew secretly even if he did she would not forgive him. It was too late. If he knew anything about his sister is that he messed up big time. As Jacob was walking back and forth thinking about his little sister, Jen sat unconscious on the hospital bed in a steady condition, the doctor sighed in relief and thankful the saved her life. The doctor walked into the waiting room calling for Jen's last name. Jacob stood up suddenly hearing his sister's name. Jacob stood up in front of the doctor.

"Ms. Jenkins has suffered from blood loss and hypothermia. We were able to put her into a stable condition. You may go talk to her but we are putting her on suicide watch so please be mind full of what you say or do around her." The doctor explained to Jacob. Jacob quickly thanked the doctor and headed to the room where Jen sat sleeping.

He walked into the room to see his twin sister sitting as pale as he found her but color was slowly coming back to her body. Jacob clenched his fist. He was angry that he let someone come in between him and his twin sister. Jacob felt his phone vibrated from his pocket. He knew who was calling and his jaw clenched in anger as it almost took over.

Jen sat dreaming of a happier time. Before everyone started behaving differently toward her. when she had a best friend, Cleo who was one of the few besides Jacob that could change her moon from angry typical rebel girl to sweet angle. She missed Cleo, but she also didn't know whatever happened to her. All she knows is that she moved and after those things changed for the worst.

Cleo, Jen's best friend, stood on the porch of her new home in a familiar place. She couldn't want to see her best friend. She was finally back like she's been waiting for. Four years. that's how long it took for her to get away back her. Jen her best friend was the only person she counted as family. Although she wasn't able to keep in touch with her she's the only person in the world she thought of to talk to. She quickly ran towards her room and sat her bag in her room as her "brothers" sat downstairs.

Alex, Cleo's brother sat sipping his coffee as he heard his little sister Cleo run upstairs. Sometimes he wondered, how they were related. When they both acted so different, compared to their other brother Nathan who was similar to him. Cleo ran into the room where her brother sat down sipping his coffee. She stood up more confident than ever being back was the only way to help her. She was so thankful that Alex had decided to talk to their parents about letting them move back.

Alex, watched as he was reminded of how his sister was before everything happened, including them moving.

"where are you going?" Alex asked setting his coffee on the table. He was the one that was supposed to be in charge of them so he held a lot of responsibilities. Cleo rolled her eyes.

"I'm going to see Jenny," Cleo said excitedly. Alex smiled remembering his sister's little sister Jenny.

"be careful then" He stretched the words carefully. Cleo smirked at his reaction when she mentioned her best friend. It was to clear when they were younger than Alex held a soft spot for her best friend. Although she did hate her brothers, she still loved them. Cleo walked out of the house into her car heading to a familiar house, known Jen never moved.

She wanted to surprise her. When she got to the house she knocked on the door but no one responded.

"Jenny!?" Cleo called out but didn't hear a response.

"Cleo?" a familiar voice called out to her. Cleo turned around to see a familiar figure of Josh. Jacob's, Jen's twin brother's, best friend.

Cleo smiled at Josh and nodded. Josh smiles.

"Do you know where Jenny is?" Cleo asks. Josh smiles sadly nodding her head. Cleo's smile dropped. looking at Josh's sad smile.

"She's at the hospital. I haven't spoken much to Jacob it a few months but I saw the ambulance pull up here yesterday night" Josh explained. Cleo's eyes widen and filled with worry over her best friend.

"What happened?" Cleo asked

"I'm not sure. however, over the past few years, Jacob has started to act differently towards Jenny. Yesterday at school, Jenny got into a fight with Lacy, Jacob's current girlfriend, over something really serious and after the fight. Jacob didn't ask Jen what happen even though He wasn't there to see the fight or no what happened and I'm guessing things went south. I was going to go check on her today at the hospital. Do you want to come with me?" Josh asked after explaining what happened.

Cleo followed Jacob to his car that was sitting at his house across the street. She got into the driver's seat as Josh started the car.

"So what happened between you and Jacob?" Cleo asked looking at Josh as they drove to the hospital. Josh smiled sadly.

"You know how I told you about the girl he's going out with?"

"Lacy?" Cleo asked and Josh nodded.

"She's brainwashing him. I'm hoping whatever happened with Jen would make him realizes it"

"Me to, however, I don't think Jen would be able to forgive him for all this" Cleo sighed

"I know," Josh said sadly

Jacob sat next to his sister who was still fast asleep, waiting for her to wake up. His emotions were running high. How stupid could he be? What the main question that ran through his mind. He heard a knock on the door. He turned his head to see Josh walking into the room. Josh had an unreadable expression toward him now.

"Josh?" Jacob said to his ex-best friend

"How's Jenny?" Josh said to Jacob

"She's doing better"

"What happened?" Josh asked looking at Jenny sadly. Josh always saw Jenny as his little sister. It hurt seeing her like this in the hospital. Jacob looked back at his sister.

"She tried to commit suicide. I came home knocked on her door and didn't hear anything so I opened her door and found her on her floor in a pool of her blood. I called 9-1-1 and got her to the hospital just in time"

Josh looked at Jacob it the most heated look. Cleo who stood at the door came in and glared at Jacob.

"Cleo?" Jacob said shocked

"You did it this time" Cleo came over to the other chair at the other end of the room. She took her best friend's hand into hers. It was weird. Seeing her best friend in the hospital after four years. A tear ran down her face.

"You were supposed to protect her yet you let some girl who's been trying to brainwash you hurt your sister," Josh said crossing his arms over his chest. He was frustrated with Jacob worse than he's ever been. Jacob didn't say anything but looked toward the ground.

Jen slowly opened up her eyes. She still felt tired it so many emotions running through her rain. She looked to her side to the left side to see Jacob sitting in the chair. On the other side, she sat Cleo. Jenny's eyes widened in shock.

"Cleo?" She said filling her eyes widen. Cleo opened her eyes smiling, sitting up in her chair. Cleo nodded smiling. Jen through her arms around her best friend. "I've missed you so much"

Cleo held Jenny in her arms.

"We have to talk about what happens," Cleo says dropping her smile looking at the cords that were around me. tears wild up in Jen's eyes.

"Will you tell him to leave first?" Jen says pointing at her brother Jacob. Jacob slept on the chair peacefully. Cleo nodded.

Cleo walked over to Jacob and smacked him on the head. Jacob jumped up. "Cleo!?" Jacob shot up.

Cleo laughed at Jacob. Jen let out a small giggle but turned her head away from her brother.

"Go home," Cleo said crossing her arms over her chest. Jacob frowned. He goes up.

"No, I'm here for Jen," Jacob said

"but she's the one that wants you to leave," Cleo said. Jacob got up. looking at his sister.

"come on Jen, please. You know I didn't mean anything by it" Jen ignored her brother. Jacob tried with his sister but he knew it was useless. "fine" He went out of the room. What was the inspecting though? He had already known she would have been like that either way. If Cleo was there or not. Jacob called a cab and headed home. He couldn't think much about anything. He couldn't get his mind straight. He arrives home before he knew it. He went straight into his room. Not giving himself to do anything else. He dived into his bed covering his body with his blanket and covered his head with his pillow.

Jenny sat with Cleo explaining whats happened over the last four years. How her brother slowly got worse and worse. She didn't have anyone anymore. She couldn't trust her brother anymore. Hearing all of this broke Cleo's heart hearing this. Before she moved Jacob and Jen use to be so close. Nothing came between them. Jen sat with her best friend. Cleo and Jen talked for hours catching up on everything from the past four years.

Cleo's phone started going off and she answered it.

"Where are you?" Alex asked his sister as soon as she answered. Cleo sighed.

"I'm with Jenny," Cleo says quickly

"I came to her house to get you to come home but you weren't there," Alex said and Cleo rolled her eyes.

"I'm at the hospital with Jenny," Cleo says waiting for her brother's reaction. Cleo smirked as she heard the concerned voice of her brother.

"Is she okay?" Alex asked

"she's okay now. Although I might stay here the night I left my car at her house."

"Alright. I'll come to get you in the morning and see Jenny I guess" Alex says hanging up the phone.

Alex sat in his room thinking about Jenny like he has done after they got to the town early this morning. He was worried about her, not knowing what happened.

"I'll just ask tomorrow I guess," Alex thought to himself. Alex lay in his bed thinking about Jenny. How when Cleo wasn't here yet, Jenny would sit with him playing with his toys that he still had in his room.

Alex smiled at the thought of Jenny. Before they moved he had a crush on her but wasn't able to do anything. Her brother, Jacob wouldn't let her get close to any other guy knowing that he was leaving didn't help.


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