Submitted Date 06/07/2019

This is part of a writing prompt that I did. I have more of it but I am not posting it at the moment. Feel free to continue the prompt with your own ideas!


It's the evening on a Tuesday after work. I work as a high school history teacher. I've always enjoyed teaching the subject even though most of the highschool students don't listen half of the time and make ridiculous remarks. Besides being a history teacher, I have something else that stands me apart from the rest. When I come into physical contact with someone, even if it's just a quick brush while passing by, I can tell how good or bad a person is. When I come into contact with a person, their eyes glow a certain color. A blue glow is what I want. I blue glow is someone with no bad intentions. An orange glow means that they are thinking about something bad. This could be just because of them having a bad day. Bad days bring negative thoughts. Most of the time there is nothing to worry about. However, if their eyes glow purple, I should try and get away from them at all times. It means a person is going to or has already done something bad, and it will be something very bad.

The worst part about having this power is I can't really do much with it. I can't exactly go into a police station and say 'this man is about to commit a crime. We bumped into each other and his eyes started glowing purple!'. They would think I'm crazy and turn me away. Since I can't use it to help out the police, I dedicate to trying to help my students. If I notice that a student of mine has a glow of orange I will try to talk to them on how their day was. Even just listening to them makes their day better. Sure most of them shrug me off with disrespect, but it's the few that don't that count.

I decided earlier that I was going to get some coffee and a bakery item at the hole in the wall coffee shop that is right next to my apartment complex. I walk into the empty shop. It makes sense that the shop is empty considering the time of day it is.

"Hello sir what can I get started for you?" the lady at the cash register asked.

I tell her my order, "A medium hot coffee and a blueberry bagel please."

"Coffee in the evening?" She questions.

"I have papers to grade, I am a high school history teacher," I explain.

"Ah that makes sense," she replies, "Your total this evening will come out to be $7.65."

I handed her my card in order to pay for my order. While handing her my card her eyes glowed blue that made her grey eyes pop out a bit. She swiped my debit card and and handed it back to me when the payment went through. I walk back to the front of the coffee shop to find a place to sit when I bump into someone and we both fall onto the floor. I look up and when I do I am in complete shock. His eyes are glowing a blood red, a color I have never seen before. Alarms go off in my head telling me to get away.


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  • No name 4 years, 5 months ago

    What a super cool idea!